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Tips to Motivate Your Employees

Motivate Your Employees

Is your business going through a bit of a slump?

If you can’t see an immediate reason, there is the possibility that your employees are going through a little bit of a slowdown.

Or maybe you have a big project coming up and you will need everyone to do their best.

If any of those scenarios sound familiar, maybe you’ll need to motivate your employees.

Well, you’re in luck. We have a lot of great tips to put some pep in their step and get them motivated. In turn, that should make them more productive. Find out all the details by reading on.

1. Benefits and bonusesBenefits and bonuses

One great way to motivate your employees is with benefits.

Not only is it great for the onboarding process, allowing you to entice more qualified staff with the perks of benefits, but it will be an ongoing motivator throughout their time with the company.

But keeping track of who is getting what can be difficult, but you can find help at Zest has a mobile and desktop app that allows you to access and manage everyone’s benefits in one place.

You can tweak benefits depending on your staff members’ lifestyles. Like the guy who lives next door isn’t going to need a company car, etc.

And then there are bonuses. If you have a big project coming up, it can be useful to motivate your employees with a gift at the end of it. It will show you appreciate any extra work they have put in and they will have something to work towards.

The Zest app also helps you out here. Within the app, you can give bonuses, which will go straight to your employee’s responding app. They will get a nice little notification and you can even congratulate them via the built-in chatroom.

2. Productivity platforms

Productivity platforms

Sometimes you just work faster if you have a plan. Productivity platforms like Trello, allow you to plan out your day, week, etc.

If you create a card for each of your employees, they can see what they have to do in the day and get it done without interference. Meanwhile, you can watch as they tick off everything on their checklist.

There’s a rush of productivity that comes with ticking off a checklist, which is why so many people make lists for the most mundane things. You know you’ve done everything when you check everything off, prompting you to work quicker.

Or, to use the platform a different way, you can split a big project into smaller pieces and scatter them across your employees. You will be able to delegate tasks to suit stronger skills, follow everything that’s happening and instantly see if someone isn’t pulling their weight.

3. Training


Sometimes a lack of motivation comes from feeling like you’re in a slump or a routine.

You’re doing the same thing every day and see no signs of changing. You can shake things up by putting a member, or even your entire team up for training.

Give them some new skills to add to their CV and maybe even use them to expand your operations. You will ignite some excitement in your employees and add skills to your team.

Training is also useful if you have someone in mind for promotion. If there is someone on your team that you think would be better suited to taking on more responsibility, but perhaps need a qualification to get the position, you can get them some training to get them there.

There are lots of subscription-based courses on the internet that can help you out. LinkedIn Learning is a particular favorite amongst businesses as their courses are all aimed at improving businesses, with courses split into the categories of “Technology”, “Business” and “Creative”.

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