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How We Need To Teach Our Children To Protect Against Dog Attacks

How We Need To Teach Our Children To Protect Against Dog Attacks

Protect Against Dog Attacks

No matter how gentle and loving a dog usually is, any dog can bite when provoked. Because of this, if you have children and a dog, it’s important to teach your kids about the importance of preventing dog bites from a young age. Young children will benefit from learning more about animals, the role that they play in our families, what they mean to us, rather than being just educated about how dangerous they are what we should do to prevent them from attacking us.



First of all, it’s important to always supervise young children when it comes to being around their furry friends. Providing guidance from a young age on how to behave around a dog will help your child grow up with the right habits and teach them everything that they need to know about forming a good relationship with their pets. The earlier you start when it comes to teaching your kids about respecting their pets, the better are the chances of any unwanted accidents not taking place.

Asking Permission:

When you’re with kids, it’s a good idea to not pay too much attention to dogs that you do not know about. These can be strays or a new family dog that has moved next to your home. Strays should not be touched or interacted with, even if you feel that they should be looked after. Not only can they get vicious, but also carry a host of diseases and infections. If you see a dog where the owner is walking him or her, asking permission from the owner first makes a lot of sense.

How to Deal with an Aggressive Dog:

How to Deal with an Aggressive Dog:

Many personal injury claims regarding dog bites brought to Horst Shewmaker may have been preventable had the injured person known how to react to a dog that is showing signs of aggressive behavior. Many people, especially children, will inadvertently worsen the problem at hand by doing things that most kids do like- running, yelling, or making unnecessary bodily movements. It is important to teach your kids that if an animal is acting aggressively towards them to be a tree’ by remaining still with their hands low and their head down.

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Educate Kids at Their Level:

When teaching children about dogs and how to avoid getting bitten by a dog, it’s important to keep the education in a place that they can easily understand. Many young children will not be able to understand the body language of a dog or any other animal. In fact, most adults too would not be able to. But they can understand things such as not taking food, treats, or toys off the dog, or not playing rough with them. Focus on teaching your child to be gentle and respectful around the dog. Make sure that children know to leave the dog alone if it is eating or sleeping and that dogs are kept out of young children’s and infants’ places if there is an absence of constant, direct supervision.

Even the sweetest of dogs can be provoked, which is why it’s so important to teach your children about the importance of respecting dogs and avoiding getting bitten from a young age.

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