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Judgement Day: Nirbhaya Gangrape 2012 Convicts Hanged Today!

nirbhaya gangrape 2012

Delhi: The long-drawn judgment of the convicts of the Nirbhaya gangrape 2012 case, hanged this morning at the Tihar Jail, Delhi.  It was 5:30 am sharp on Friday after the last-minute plea of one of the four convicts got rejected by the president of India, Ram Nath Kovind. 

The decision which was most awaited by numerous women and parents in the country was the death sentence for the convicts of the Nirbhaya gangrape 2012 of a young 23 years old girl. The four convicts Mukesh Kumar Singh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma, and Akshay Singh have been convicted for the past 7 years and finally, the judgment has been declared.  

Earlier, when Pawan Gupta had made a petition in the Supreme court, it was rejected by the then judges who comprised the Supreme Court Bench. R Banumati, Ashok Bhushan and AS Bopanna rejected the plea made by the minor. It was without the consideration of the President Ram Nath Kovind. 

Nirbhaya gangrape 2012

The court very fairly said that they have rejected all the petition that was made by any of the convicts. The shortcomings of the petetion of the convicts received enough wraths of the Supreme Court Judges.  

Justice Mohan raged and asked the advocates if they had the legal permission to make a petition on behalf of the convicts. The excuses put to by the advocates have been nullified by the bench of judges and the death sentence finally prevailed. 

Nevertheless, the last wishes were listened to and accepted by the judges. The families of Pawan Gupta and Akshay Singh wanted to meet them before the hanging takes place and their request was heard. They were given 5-10 minutes time each to meet their family for one last time. 

The Jailors were not in support of this because they believe that this is not good for the mental stability of the convict. Leaving aside the hanging this could be more painful for them. But keeping the judgment of the supreme court in mind, unwillingly they had to allow the families to meet them. 

After 7 years and 4 months, the Nirbhaya case earned its justice, the nation is standing for it. 

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