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The Northern Strategies Of Canada

Northern Strategies Of Canada (1)

The northern strategy of Canada is all about developing Canada as a nation. The northern province of Canada encompasses 40% of the country. The territory has a physically challenging environment. However, the mineral and environmental resources here bear an economically optimistic tone.

The initiative is for developing the economic, social, and environmental aspects of northern Canada. According to Norstrat consulting, The Northern Strategy is a fascinating and challenging program opportunity that intends to develop a better future for North Canada.

Why Was The Northern Strategy Introduced?

The Government of Canada introduced the Northern strategy in 2007 to address the challenges, improve life in northern Canada, and explore the opportunities there. The northern strategy. 

Which Aspects Do The Northern Strategies Of Canada Focus On?

The vision of the strategy covers a wide range of development initiatives for northern Canada. The idea is built upon four significant principles as mentioned here-

  • Exercising Canada’s Arctic sovereignty.
  • Social and economic development.
  • Safeguarding and protecting the environmental heritage of Northern Canada. 
  • Improvement and development of the northern governance.

How Is The Strategy Working?

The Government of Canada has started its endeavors to improve the economic position of Northern Canada. Investments in science projects have opened doors to many exploration companies. They are now able to discover critical natural resources in the northern province of Canada.

Through commercialization, the natural resource deposits are in good use while keeping the environment intact. In addition, northern people are now being trained to make the most of the territory’s population to participate in resource development.

The northern strategy of Canada is also responsible for trying to make sure that more and more job opportunities are created in the province.

Community Development

Canadian Economic Development Agency, CanNor, has been working to develop the community of the Canadian Region. The intention is to ensure high-quality, economically sustainable life in the northern territories. 

They have taken initiatives to develop in the diverse economic platforms such as- 

  • Tourism
  • Fisheries
  • Mining

Several programs of Connor are trying to develop the communities in the region. The NAEOP is trying to maximize the involvement of the northern aboriginal communities in several economic opportunities. 

IDEANorth invests in the economic infrastructure development for the North. Economic Development initiatives also provide funds to support businesses.

Resource Development

Much of Canada’s mineral resources are buried in the northern provinces of the country. The immense mineral resources can help support many resources extraction projects. The mines have valuable minerals. 

  • Diamonds, 
  • Gold, 
  • Tungsten, 
  • Uranium
  • Base metals
  • Silver
  • Rare-earth element, 
  • Iron ore, 
  • Zinc and copper

Through Sustainable mining, the Government of Canada wants to create a green economy. The critical minerals buried in northern Canada are their means to reach that goal.

Skill Development

The key to building a prosperous northern community is by building a northern community that is fully developed in skills. The Government of Canada is trying to ensure benefits for the north to have diverse work opportunities across the three regions.

CanNor has taken the lead with stakeholders and partners to provide skill development opportunities to the northern Canadians in terms of skill development. IDEANorth has a major role here for its foundational investments in the economic infrastructure.

Northern Adult Basic Education Program or NABEP offers basic literacy, essential skills, and knowledge to make them professionally eligible. They assist the youth of the region in attaining jobs via the NABEP program spread across the colleges of the region.

There is another program of CanNor named NAEOP to improve the participation of the northern aboriginal communities in economic opportunities.

Business Development

ConNor works to support the development and expansion of the northern business. Their initiative is to develop businesses of all sizes, from small to big. They help by providing training, advisory services, and frequent contribution programs to build diverse and competitive business sites in northern Canada.

Some Initiatives Of The Northern Strategy

The northern strategy has been acting upon its visions through multiple initiatives; such initiatives include-

  • Construction of a 140 km gravel road from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk. $200 million contributed towards this contribution until 2013.
  • $100 million contributed to the construction of 250 houses in Nunavut. 
  • Investment in the Yukon College northern Innovation in Mining Center. The aim is to benefit the northern locals with employment opportunities.
  • $50 million investments for protecting wildlife species. 
  • $40.5 million on the establishment of a commercial fishery harbor in Pangnirtung, Nunavut.


There have been several other investments by the Canadian Government under the Northern strategy. The vision has developed recreational infrastructure projects to improve the community and create short-term jobs across the territories.

Consultancy services like Nortstrat and policy initiatives like CanNor are trying to develop the economy of the northern part of Canada.

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