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Petrol and Diesel Prices Remain Same on the 21st Day Consecutively

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There has been no change in the price of petrol and diesel till today for the 21st consecutive day. Metropolitan cities like Kolkata, Bombay, and Bengaluru have already faced a hike from Re 1 – Rs 1.5 from the 1st of April with the increase in VAT. The new increased VAT has been imposed by the State Government of different states. The state-run retails did not make any changes in the price since 16th March 2020.

Current Petrol and Diesel Price Across India 

Due to lock down the number of cars on the road are remarkably less hence the petrol and diesel prices have not mattered much. RSLonline brings you the last drawn prices in all the petrol pumps across India. Here we have a tabular representation of the cities of India.


Price of Petrol in Rs Price of Diesel in Rs


69.59 62.29


76.31 66.21


72.28 65.71
Bengaluru 73.55


Hyderabad 73.97


Kolkata 73.30


Gurgaon 70.21


Due to the nationwide and worldwide lockdown, the number of vehicles on road was comparatively less. Petrol pumps were allowed to be open only for those vehicles which are running for emergency purpose on the streets of the cities. 

By a major discretion, the sale of petrol has fallen up to 15% since the lockdown started whereas the sale of diesel has dropped by up to 25%

Amongst the national lockdown, many startups have grown up who are delivering fuel to the doorstep. Due to COVID-19 lockdown, startups like Fuelkart is also finding it difficult to deliver petrol and diesel at doorstep due to surge. Fuelkart by Bharat Petroleum and Humsafar by Samriddhi are delivering petrol and diesel to various parts of India at their doorstep.  In the international market, the price of crude oil has dropped by 12% in the early trades.

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