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Prime Minister Of India on Lockdown Extension Till 3rd May

PM Modi Extends LockDown Till 3rd May

Today, the Indian Prime Minister in his nationwide speech extended the lockdown till 3rd May 2020. While addressing all the citizens this morning the Prime Minister said that in the hotspot free zones, some amount of relaxations will be given to the people for emergency activities and the daily wage earners to earn for themselves.

But the condition of this facility will be only if there is no more deterioration in the condition of that zone, then from 20th April such areas will be given some relaxation. Some of the Indian states like Odisha, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana have already extended their lockdown. 

LIVE UPDATES on What Prime Minister Narendra Modi Focuses 

-Those who are running the business must have some sympathy and empathy for the workers, do not cut down workers. 

 -The government will give out extensive guidelines tomorrow

– The lockdown will be followed till 3rd May

– Prime Minister asks all the citizens to download Arogya Setu Application

– The senior citizens and the elderly must be taken care of at home

– One must follow the direction of the Ayush’s Ministry to become more immune to the condition of the environment and nature now

– The next week is crucial because the rise of the COVID-19 affected if rises in the next few days then the situation might reach out of hand. 

– New hotspots would create more crises, hence try not to bring up with more hotspots

– Ration and medicines will be supplied all over the nation

– Areas which have not been identified as hotspot might be able to get some relief

– From the economic point of view, there has been quite a huge loss but that loss is negligible in front of the life of the citizens of the country. 

– India took some holistic approaches like lockdown and social distancing which turned out to be helpful for all of them. 

India crosses the number 10,000 today, there are new 1211 new Coronavirus cases in India as reported in the last 24 hours. With the addition of these 1000+ new COVId-19 patients, the number in India rises to 10,363. 

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