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4 Tips For Hiring the Right People For Your Company

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Hiring the right people can be tough. You might find that you keep hiring applicants for your open positions that do not have the right skills. Maybe you are finding it hard to get connected with the right kind of people for your company culture. These can be common issues that lead to filling positions with people who will end up leaving your company after a few months.

If you have been wondering how to streamline and improve your hiring process to make sure that you get connected with the right people for your open job positions, you are not alone! There are some great tips and tricks that you can use to hire the right people every time and many people are not aware of these great tools.

If you are ready to learn more about how to hire the right people, read on!

Tips For Hiring the Right People

1. Vet New Hires

1. Vet New Hires

It might be tempting to just hire the first person who seems like a good fit for your open job position, but you should resist doing this. You should always call references and check into each new hire’s past job history. Sometimes you will find out that there are major red flags or stumbling blocks that you might have missed if you had not done a thorough vetting process.

While you should not base your entire decision on the past work history of an applicant, you should make note of any signs that the person might not work out long term for your company. Consider making sure to ask for examples of previous work from your potential new hires or call all of the references on their resume if their job history does not add up for you.

There is no reason to rush the hiring process and you will be glad that you took the time to get all of the details right when you are working with someone who will love every day that they come to work for your company.

2. Ask Questions About Aspirations

2. Ask Questions About Aspirations

Make sure that you are asking interview questions that actually give you a sense of the aspirations of these potential new hires. You can ask them about their skills and their previous work history, but you should also want to know about their plans and goals. While it often works out well to hire someone who will be more than happy to stay in the job you have hired them for, it can be more productive to hire someone who wants to grow after they are hired.

Invested employees often indicate that they want to grow once they are hired. You will probably find that prospective employees will always mention the desire for growth during their interview if they are go-getters who learn quickly and are willing to take on new tasks whenever they are offered. These kinds of engaged employees are often your best bet to find the right fit for your open jobs.

3. Make Sure Your Team Meets Them

3. Make Sure Your Team Meets Them

While it can be hard to take the time to introduce at least a few of your team members to each of your potential new hires, it can tell you a lot about the potential of each applicant to fit seamlessly into their new work environment if you can arrange this. Team members will often be able to offer up evaluations from their own peer perspective as well, which can be very helpful.

You want to try to hire someone who has the skills for the open job position but who will also fit right into the team that you are already managing. Your existing team will be able to tell you if they think that new hires will fit in, and this will likely be a big factor in finding the right fit for your open jobs.

4. Pay Attention to Their Questions and Answers

4. Pay Attention to Their Questions and Answers

Think about your interviews as dialogues, not interrogations. You are asking the questions but you need to be listening to the answers with care. Sometimes the questions that potential hires ask can tell you that they might actually be better suited for a different position than you have open or that they might not be a great fit for your company.

While it is possible that your potential new hire will say what you want to hear for the whole interview, this is not standard behavior and most people are honest when they are allowed to ask questions. If your potential hire is asking questions that make you think that they are starting to feel uncomfortable with the parameters of the job, drill down to find out if this is the case.

You may have a better job open for the person you are interviewing, or maybe you can talk through their concerns and find a resolution to the situation. The more transparent you are with your questions and your answers, the more likely you are to get a sense of what each possible new hire might want from their work experience with your company.

Hiring the Right People Requires Good Communication

Many of the tips on this list come back to communication. With good communication, you can almost always find out what you need to know to be sure about a potential new employee. The benefit of being open and communicative is that you will get the information that you need from each possible new hire to get a sense of how they will fit into your team while also giving them the information that they need to be excited about working for you.

The interview process should simply be the first step in a lasting relationship that is based on mutual trust and communication. You want to set the right tone with your interview process so that the people who are the best fit for your company are comfortable accepting your job offer.

Hiring the right people is mostly about being honest, transparent, and taking the time to get to know each possible new employee before you extend them an offer.

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