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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Shaping the Fitness Industry

Artificial Intelligence

Ever since people began working on various prospects of Artificial Intelligence (AI), technology has been improving exponentially. Many people see technology as becoming more human and more personal. Artificial Intelligence has influenced progress in every aspect of life and the fitness industry is no exception.

People are turning more towards technology to guide them with health and fitness issues. Several companies have developed apps, wearables, gym management software, and gadgets, etc. to help people who love to stay fit but don’t have the time or money to commit to a gym.

Many of these apps rely on an internet connection to help with several exercises or fitness tidbits. Since people can’t go to gyms due to the pandemic and the lockdowns, these apps seem useful now more than ever. The fitness app I use works best when I connect it to my personal Spectrum internet and guides my exercise routine.

Artificial Intelligence is swiftly becoming an indispensable gear for the fitness industry’s progress. It is influencing the future of the fitness industry in the following ways.

1. Fitness Wearables are Getting Smarter 

Countless fitness enthusiasts around us use smart fitness wearables. Some people use them due to medical reasons while others just like to keep track of their fitness goals and stay healthy. Many companies have launched several gadgets like Apple’s smartwatch series, Samsung Galaxy smartwatch series, Fitbit, Xiaomi’s Fitness bands, and so on.

These wearables don’t just count your steps or monitor sleeping patterns. They also collect health-related data and can help detect irregularities related to your heart. These smart gadgets are getting smarter as some of these are being developed to detect diabetes. Google and Fitbit are working in collaboration to combine your electronic health records to your smart wearable devices.

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2. Turning Smartphones into Personal Trainers

AI-based fitness apps are integrated into almost all smartphones these days. These apps are more than capable of tracking your repetitive fitness-related behavior and exercise patterns. Fitness apps use this data to help you remain fit and guide you towards improvements. Some of the best examples are Samsung Health apps and Apple’s fitness app, etc. that are pre-installed in smartphones now.

Although many apps are still in their early stages of development, they are being developed to use the phone’s camera and guide your exercise routine as every personal trainer does. This would help those people who can’t pay hefty amounts to hire professionally qualified personal trainers at their gym. These apps would be like virtual trainers providing real-time feedback and helping you improve your exercise postures.

3. Improving Performance

As Artificial Intelligence is already being integrated into several fitness gadgets, it will continue to improve over time and help amateurs and aficionados alike in achieving their personalized fitness goals efficiently. Many AI-based applications now exist that allow people to improve their stamina in doing a particular activity. Tech-businesses around the globe are working on the development of applications that provide real-time fitness-related feedback using AI.

4. Improved Customer Satisfaction for Fitness Companies

Artificial Intelligence is extensively used in the automation and personalization of many business processes. That also applies to businesses that are providing fitness-related products and services. The automation of processes using artificial intelligence helps with the reduction of costs.

The most common and widespread use of Artificial Intelligence among businesses is in the area of customer service. AI allows the creation of better and improved digital platforms to enhance customer service facilities. Businesses that integrate a virtual customer assistant (VCA) such as chatbots can handle customer requests on smartphones and mobile applications in addition to websites. I would certainly want to use a chatbot instead of dialing Spectrum’s phone number every time in case of internet troubles. Artificial Intelligence also helps health clubs in closing more leads which means boosting more sales and increasing the revenue.

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