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How Seals Can Affect a Company’s Bottom Line


Seals are low-cost, small items. Some may dismiss them as not a critical component of industrial manufacturing because of their size. But as the saying goes, “it is the little things that make a huge impact.” Here’s how o-rings and other seals work to keep your manufacturing operation streamlined and efficient. 

The most common mechanism for seals is the ring seal. These seals are popular and widely used for many types of product manufacturing. 

But do you know sometimes the ring seals do not work? Yes, and this dysfunction of the ring seals directly impacts the plant’s functions. And if you are handling some of the bio-hazard and harmful substances. Then these types of things are hampering the whole industrial disposal process.

What Are The Basics Of O-Ring?

What Are The Basics Of O-Ring?

When an o-ring or other seal gets installed inside the groove of two mating surfaces of an application operating in an industrial environment, it offers excellent resistance to toxic gas, chemicals, oils, and other pollutants. 

It prevents leakage of potentially hazardous fluids used in storage units, valves, pumps, piping, fittings, and other essential components of industrial manufacturing.

O-rings are also the critical components used in the fuel and transmission systems of vehicles used in the supply chain. As these vehicles pass through diverse environments and weather conditions, installed seals must have the strength and flexibility to withstand an extreme range of temperatures, pressures, and chemical exposure. 

Their optimal performance ensures the on-time and safe delivery of industrial products. There are multiple types of ring seals available in the system. But first, you have to know if the o ring is failing.

What Happens When A Seal Or O-Ring Fails?

What Happens When A Seal Or O-Ring Fails?

When an O-ring or rubber seal becomes hard and brittle or cracks, it fails to prevent leakage. Even the release of a small quantity of toxic gas can also bring the entire manufacturing process to a halt. 

It will require evacuations and costly maintenance work. Workers may also get injured or fall sick if exposed to hazardous chemicals released due to an o-ring’s failure. 

The supply chain also gets disrupted if seals used in transportation vehicles do not work perfectly. Vehicles will not move due to leakage, and along with that, goods getting transported will also get damaged. To keep the supply chain running smoothly, seals have to perform at optimal levels.

Reasons For Seal Failures

There are several reasons for o-ring or other seal failures. Some of the common ones are poor quality, not being made of the right material, incorrect size, improper installation, inadequate lubrication, incompatibility between seal elastomer and application properties and environment. 

The o-ring seals may also fail because of the wrong gland design, resulting in too low or too high compression.

1. When Machinery Fails to Perform, Cost Increases

When the machinery fails to perform due to leakage, the manufacturing and supply costs are bound to increase, which will impact the company’s bottom line. 

The company will also have to pay hefty fines and face lawsuits from injured employees. And because of the exposure to chemicals, gas, or other toxic liquids, some equipment may have to be replaced, especially those highly prone to accidents due to the mismanagement of the seals.

2. Quality Of O-Ring Or Rubber Seal Is Important

When shopping for good-quality o-rings or rubber seals, it is essential to partner with a trusted supplier. 

They should be reliable and provide detailed information about various seals and why they may be appropriate for a specific application operating in a manufacturing environment. Yes, rubber ring seals are important, but one thing you have to evaluate is their quality.

In addition, it is better to work with a supplier who is local. Shopping overseas for parts can lead to delays in receiving orders. By using a local manufacturer, you decrease the risk of supply chain interruptions

Top-quality o-rings ensure no escalation of manufacturing costs due to toxic leakages. They also reduce downtime and enable the manufacturing entities to adhere to various regulations. Select only top-quality o-rings or rubber seals for installation in applications used in industrial manufacturing to avoid costly machine failures.

Wrapping Up:

All of the ring seals are pretty useful, especially for industrial use. If you are finding any sorts of these problems. Then you have to run the actual investigation process and know where your seals require the changes. Dysfunction of the ring seals is affecting the industry’s production, so if you find any types of problems, this requires immediate change.

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