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5 Warning Signs To Replace Pool Enclosures

Having a swimming pool is like a blessing during hot beaming days.

But to take full advantage of your pool, invest in useful accessories like the  electric pool cover, pool enclosure, pump, and filter to make your pleasant oasis fit and safe for swimming.

Of all, the pool enclosure is a worthy investment that not only keeps debris out but also protects your loved ones against accidental drownings.

Moreover, it offers an ideal spot for family gatherings and pool parties.

Amidst all the enjoyment, it’s vital to notice the red flags that scream that it’s high time to replace the pool enclosure.

Herein, we are sharing 5 signs that you should replace your pool enclosure to avoid expenses and dangerous conditions.

1. Algae growth

1. Algae growth

Does your pool enclosure have green patches? Then it’s probably algae that survives and thrives in the moist areas.

Algae can make your pool enclosure ineffective, unappealing, and an eyesore.

If there is less growth, you can easily remove it with bleach and water.

However, if left unnoticed, it can spread over the entire enclosure and it’s difficult to remove it.

If you are facing the same problem, it’s high time to replace your pool enclosure with the new one.

Keep the new enclosure algae-free through regular cleaning and maintenance.

2. Cracks and holes

Whether a storm hit or a bird pecked on your enclosure, over time, it may develop cracks or holes.

Pebble size holes can be mended but fixing fissures can be challenging and you may have to replace the entire structure.

After severe weather conditions like thunderstorms or heavy rain,  inspect your pool enclosure for any damage.

3. Rusted parts

3. Rusted parts

Have you noticed rusted nails and bolts? 

The corroded part is a clear warning sign that you need to replace your pool enclosure.

Rusted hardware can make the whole structure weak and can trigger life-threatening risks to you and your family.

You can replace the faulty one with high-quality aluminum pool enclosures that are corrosion-resistant and can resist strong winds.

But if most of the parts are corroded, get the new enclosure.

4. White or silver patches

Is your enclosure looking dull and showing silver streaks? This means it has started deteriorating and will tear soon.

The white patch on the screen is a tellable sign that the enclosure has reached its end. Rather than fixing it, it’s ideal to get it replaced.

5. Bugs are spoiling your pool enjoyment

5. Bugs are spoiling your pool enjoyment

One of the main functions of the pool enclosure is to keep pesky bugs or mosquitoes out while letting you enjoy swim time.

However, if you’re continuously scratching your skin and trying to get rid of those little bugs while swimming, it’s a red flag that your pool enclosure is not working properly.

These critters can even pose a major health threat to you and your family.

So, it’s advisable to get your enclosure replaced.

In the end…

Overlooking warning signs can result in costly repairs and can also put your life in danger.

 If you suspect that the integrity of your enclosure is at risk, better get it replaced for all safety reasons.

Moreover, investing in a new pool enclosure is a great way to add curb appeal and the boost value of your property.

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