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What Is a Structured Settlement and How Does It Benefit Me?

Are you wondering if you should accept a structured settlement?

When you win a civil suit or settle out of court, you have a few options to receive your payment. You can choose a lump sum payment or you can choose to receive a structured settlement.

In short, a structured settlement is a type of payment method in which you receive a consistent flow of smaller payments from the larger amount you were awarded. Although you will receive the full amount of your settlement, it will be paid out over a longer period.

While some people won’t benefit from a structured settlement, many wills. There are a variety of benefits you can experience by receiving your payment over a long period.

If you are deciding how you want to receive your payment, here are several benefits of structured payments you need to consider.

Guaranteed Income 

Guaranteed Income 

One of the best benefits of a structured settlement is guaranteed income. Depending on the amount of your settlement, you can have regular payments for the rest of your life. This can reduce financial stress and give you financial stability.

Customized Payments 

A great benefit of a structured settlement is customized payments. If you experience a financial emergency, you can customize several payments to provide financial relief. If you are experiencing financial struggles, visit your options.

Tax-Free Income 

Many lump sum payments come with a series of tax fees that can dramatically reduce how much money you receive. Fortunately, structured payments are tax-free, including the interest, principal, and more.

Encourages Budgeting 

Encourages Budgeting 

Perhaps the most important benefit of a structured payment is money management. By receiving your settlement in a series of small payments, you can avoid spending the bulk of your settlement at once. This can result in long-term financial stability.

Cost of Living Adjustments

Although your structured settlement will start at a certain payment amount, over time that amount will increase. This is because the payments are automatically adjusted to account for your current cost of living.

Protection From Creditors 

Protection From Creditors 

If you owe money to creditors, the good news is, they cannot come after your structured settlements. This is because a settlement is considered a policy, instead of an asset. Protection from creditors is ideal for those who are in debt and don’t want to lose their settlement.

No Management Fees 

Unlike many investments, structured settlements do not have any management fees attached. You will not have to pay attorney fees, expenses, commissions, and more.

This Is What a Structured Settlement Is and How It Can Benefit You

By reading this guide, you can understand what a structured settlement is and several ways it can benefit you.

Structured settlements offer many benefits, including guaranteed income that is tax-free. You can customize your payments, request the cost of living adjustments, and avoid management fees. Best of all, structured payments protect you from creditors and help you manage your settlement wisely.

These are some of the many benefits of structured settlements.

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