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Top 20 Summer Acrylic Nails Ideas For Girls In 2023 – Trending Ideas

Are you looking for bright and gorgeous summer acrylic nails? I thought so; here are some bright summer acrylic nails that I would recommend getting this summer. You never know how pretty your hands might look until you try them on. 

You can skip painting your nails and get the look you most desire, without adding paint or chemicals to your real nails. If you want this benefit and a classy look, you should try these trendy summer acrylic nails.

1. Funky Summer Nail Art

  • summer acrylic nails

What’s summer without some doodles, colors, and variety?  These funky summer acrylic nails will make your friends go crazy over your new look. And a new look can start with new nail art.

2. Almond Summer Acrylic Nails

  • summer acrylic nails

Raise your nails if you love the bright nail art trends. One of many summer nail trends includes these fancy almond designs. The almond-colored paints on the nail look cute, with a heart shooting a rainbow across.

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3. Summer Sunflowers And Nail Arts

  • summer acrylic nails

Summer and sunflowers have a major thing in common. Both are warm. Wait, do you love warm colors on your nails? Why not try out sunflowers on your nails for a change? You can try them out with some white acrylic nail paints. There is no harm in staying completely warm and yellow.

4. Bright Summer Acrylic Nails

  • summer acrylic nails

Brighten up your summer with these bright summer acrylic nails. If you love cute little hearts on your fingers, you should go for it. Please remember to keep the hearts in bright color. You don’t want your nails to look like you painted them for the fall.

5. Summer And Shades Of Pink

  • summer acrylic nails
  • summer acrylic nails

No time is a bad time for some pink. Deep and light shades bring out the cuteness in your overall look. Plus, my girlfriend says that these nails go with most outfits she has, especially the red and pink ones.

6. Bright Summer Clouds

  • summer acrylic nails

Summer is all about staying bright and beautiful. These summer acrylic nails with pretty white fluffy clouds look cute and appealing. If you are going to the beach this weekend or have a pool party planned, then you should do your nails like this.

7. Multi-Colored Summer

  • summer acrylic nails

You can get those pretty nails attached; they come in different colors and make it look pretty. But make sure that the colors look distinct and matched. You can look at these references to find out the best designs.

8. Marble Designs

  • summer acrylic nails

The finish and feel of the marble nails are very attractive. They come in different colors and textures. Also, they come in different colors – pink, green, blue, gray, and more.

9. Trendy Summer Acrylic Nails

You can go with one style or mix up all those different styles on your five fingers. Different nail designs like – smiley face nails, cow print nails, flower nails, and French tip nails really complement each other.

10. Color Of The Summer Flowers

These bright-colored summer acrylic nails will go with most of your casual outfits. If you are into bright colors, you can complement your outfit with these innocent flowers and their colors on your nails.

11. Bright & Cute Summer Acrylic Nails

  • summer acrylic nails

As someone who loves to see the summer as a bright season, I would say these cute and bright acrylic colors will look attractive on your nails – especially during the summer season.

12. Blue & White Acrylic Nails

  • summer acrylic nails

No matter how much I nag, my girlfriend is not getting these colors on her nails. I love blue, and she does not. But these blue acrylic summer nails look pretty and attractive. You can wear them with almost all of your casual outfits. I would almost force you to leave one nail out and paint it white or make cute butterflies or something like that on them.

13. Multicolor Summer Nails

You can have different colors shine on your nails. Some will contain flat and bold colors, while you can put some flowers or designs on some.

14. White Daisy On Black Summer Nails

  • summer acrylic nails
  • summer acrylic nails

Do you find black summer nails attractive? If so, then you will find these white daisies on black nails more attractive. They look good on both long and short nails.

15. Colorful Summer Nails

  • summer acrylic nails

Summer should in no way be gloomy- not even on your nails. These glossy, multicolored, multi-designed summer nails should prepare you for the day.

16. Red Summer Acrylic Nails

  • summer acrylic nails

A little red on the nails should never hurt. These summer acrylic nails let you show off your beauty. So if you are ready for a little summer show-off, try out these nails.

17. Leafy Greens On Summer Nails

  • summer acrylic nails

Only a few exceptional people have a love for greens. Especially when it comes to their nails. You should try them on.

18. Trendy Flowers On Your Nails

  • summer acrylic nails

Thinking of summer nails and skipping out on flowers? Not a chance. You can try these trendy flowers on your nails.

19. Beach Day! Summer Acrylic Nails

  • summer acrylic nails

If you are planning to wear a sexy swimsuit on the beach, then get your nails done in this style. This makes your look surprisingly sexy and cute at the same time.

20. Beautiful Summer Nail Art

  • summer acrylic nails

Summer mornings are brighter and more vivacious with good nail art that shines and makes you shine.

21. Polka Dots On Nails

  • summer acrylic nails

If you want to do the easiest nail art that anyone can do, then try making polka dots on your nail using different colored nail polishes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

So, those were some recommendations. However, people usually ask these questions. I think these answers might help.

Q1. What Nail Colors Are In For Summer 2023?

Ans: The number of colors to choose from is enormous this summer. You don’t get to be choosy because you will miss out on another color. I recommend lighter hues of Pink, red, blue, green, and orange.

Q2. Are Acrylic Nails Still Popular In 2023?

Ans: Yes, acrylic nails are still in trend, even by the end of 2022. Hopefully, they will continue to show your mood through your nails in the 2023 summer.

Q3. Do Acrylic Nails Ruin Your Actual Nails?

Ans: Getting artificial nails attached to your natural ones can leave your nails thin, parched, and brittle. But, if you love it, you can go for it. Some people suggest using soak-off nails instead of acrylic nails. 

Wrapping It Up

Acrylic nails are great when it comes to the look. But they might leave your nails thin and parched. But if you’re careful, you can keep them safe while looking the way you want them. These summer acrylic nails are some of my favorite picks. 

I hope you have found this article useful. However, you can take the comment box if you have any further queries. We love to stay in touch.

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