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Top 5 Telemedicine Apps

Telemedicine Apps

Telemedicine apps can provide aid and support to your health condition at that crucial time and hours when you cannot find a doctor.

For example, if you woke up in the middle of a sudden heartache or acute chest pain then you will ask or wish to see a doctor but in the middle of the night nobody would be paying a visit to you and such unavailability of doctors broadens up new technological gateways and opportunities.

All the individuals across the world should majorly give away their vote of thanks to all the telehealth and telemedicine apps that help in consultation and treatment in the middle of the night.

Treatments and consultations can be provided remotely without paying any personal visits to the patients. This feature saves time, energy, and all the other things which get into the way when the life of an individual appears in danger.

The whole process is a fast, convenient, and last-mile savior.

Telemedicine apps have been making their ways of accessing and using their ways to healthcare via video chats and calls remotely.

Approaching a doctor becomes much more convenient and easy via such options which are made available to the patients and users in a remote manner and patients possess all the rights to use such apps according to their convenience and without any restrictions. These technologies are even making their way into the dental field. While most Calgary orthodontists will still want to see their patients in person, some are able to discuss treatment options such as braces and Invisalign remotely.

As technological advancements are taking every industry to the next level. Here are some rapid changes occurring in the industry and the top 10 players of this industry are as follows:

1. MD Live

  • Such an app renders accessibility to the doctors irrespective of what time it is. The doctors can provide their services in the middle of the night via an app, website, or a smart device.
  • Seeking help for your daily medical conditions like cold, cough, flu along it provides various treatments for depression, anxiety, eating disorders through a psychologist and psychiatrist.
  • All the certified doctors and physicians and all those who have been registering themselves and are verified as a good practitioner and have been practicing for more than 15 years.
  • The urgent care can be provided with a charge of $75 and it completely depends upon the insurance provider though the counselor and professionals charges may be much higher.
  • Doctors can generate their extra income with the help of such platforms.

2. Doctor on demand

  • This can be considered as one of the best apps which is continuously making the US healthcare market much more convenient as it cuts down the waiting time to seek a doctor.
  • At present, the patients had to pass through a long period of waiting for 24 days just to make the first visit to the doctor.
  • The face to face interaction can take place on a video conference or call without waiting for such a long period of time.
  • The apps provide free registration though the customers need to pay for their consultation.
  • This app further helps in treating 90% of the patients with common and normal fevers and virals along with that it helps in curing mental health problems.

3. Live Health

  • Professional advice and opinions, proper diagnosis, treatment procedure, and all the other prescriptions are just knuckles away.
  • Examining the different patient profiles of every patient which matches according to their qualifications and choices.
  • The consultation charges are also convenient and affordable as it charges only $49 and even much less sometimes without paying any insurance charges.
  • Once to begin with you need to create an account for free and then you can begin by downloading a mobile app to acquire assistance with the health conditions and their further improvements.
  • The doctors are supplied with proper training and assistance to carry out their online consultations and after completion of their training, they are further provided with certifications.

4. HealthTap

  • HealthTap is a full-scale telemedicine program to encounter all the desires pertaining to healthcare.
  • Like all other telemedicine apps, doctors can conduct video chats and even take advantage of treatments and other ailments that get provided to the patients at the time of their consultation.
  • Though apart from these features which are provided in the app it also has some unique features such as questioning the doctors with their health issues directly and doctors need to answer their doubts within the span of 24 hours.
  • The app includes a wide range of journals around 26,00,000 and other healthcare contents and topics that are available to the users to read and expand their knowledge in a particular field.
  • And when consultation and guidance do not satisfy the patient’s such platforms on the same app can provide them with a second opinion along with deeper thoughts and opinions.
  • This app further provides an AI-based analyzer that monitors the entire medical history along with the patient’s profile to regulate the symptoms and reasons behind the occurrence of the disease.

5. Lemonaid

  • Such an app includes a combination of on-demand consultation and treatment from doctors and all the medicine deliveries on a single telehealth app.
  • By fleshing out the form about your medical details and making a portfolio with all even a small and minor allergy is to be taken into consideration before making an appointment with the doctor.
  • If provided with prescriptions, the delivery of medicines can be at your door within a short span of time. Even the option of taking away medicines gets provided in the same way as the users are provided with taking away from pizza places and other restaurants.
  • This app also assists patients with their lab tests and provides treatment plans for the loss of their hairs, birth control, other dysfunctionalities, and several bad habits that ultimately harms the health of individuals.

Final Words

Telemedicine apps are becoming a necessity in this period when doctors and other healthcare professionals are not available to all the categories of patients.

The sudden pandemic boosted up the growth and made telemedicine a major industry dealing with healthcare issues in a remote manner.

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