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THCV For Health: Pros And Cons

THCV For Health: Pros And Cons


While THCA, CBDA, and CBCA are more popular than other cannabinoids, they still represent only two groups of cannabinoids in a roster of over 100 different types, each containing its therapeutic significance.

However, the “sports car” of cannabinoids or often referred to as the “diet-weed” and “weeder all” THCV, is the new queen of cannabinoids. As the name suggests, it is becoming popular as a suppressant and rejuvenator.

THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, was discovered around 1973. Yet, astonishingly, it is not as well-known as THC or CBD, even being a well-studied cannabinoid. According to Jonathan Vaught, the CEO of Front Range Biosciences, ‘when THCV is used with THC, it can weaken the effects of THC.’

However, according to Vaught, the production of THCV is very limited because it can be synthesized only from a limited number of plants, which makes it expensive. In the current scenario, it’s viable to buy THCV products online. THCV is a rare cannabinoid; therefore, its supply chain is not yet strong, although the online market is gradually growing and can be available to you in some clicks.

What Are THCV Products?

Primarily, cannabinoid precursors are CBGA and CBGVA, with THCS, CBDA, and CBCA coming from the first one; and THCV, CBDV, and CBCV from the second one. Speaking of THCV, it forms when divarinolic acid and geranyl diphosphate conjoins with CBGVA.

Mainly, THCV is synthesized from some rare strains of Sativa, like Durban Poison or Pineapple Purps. People usually isolate THCV from plants and infuse it into edibles and cannabis drinks. However, it isn’t easy to buy THCV gummies.

Another appalling THCV product is the THCV Vape Pen. Such a Vape Pen usually contains 15-30% of THCV, and with a sleek body, it’s becoming popular among young people. It usually produces a satisfactory yet subtle amount of THCV, which makes it enjoyable yet prevents a person from getting high.

Pure THCV tinctures are only appearing on the market; more often, THCV oils are infused with CBG oil which gives it an extra kick and makes it more desirable with THCV effects.

THCV Advantages

THCV Advantages

Thinking about consuming THCV? Then let’s have a look at the advantages of consuming this.

1. Appetite-Suppressant

The reason THCV is called “diet weed” is due to its effectiveness in suppressing appetite. Saorise O’Sullivan, researcher and scientific advisor to Artelo Biosciences, states, ‘THCV can deter the CB1 receptor, which is well known to stimulate appetite, so blocking this receptor can decrease appetite. 

Sullivan’s theory is supported by clinical studies done consecutively in 2009 and 2013 on animals (rats), which have shown an impressive reduction in food intake and glucose intolerance.

Even another study from 2015 has shown that THCV increased the activation of several brain regions in response to chocolate or aversive food stimuli. Due to its potent food suppressant abilities, it’s been broadly used among those with eating disorders and has great potential for managing obesity.

2. Anticonvulsant Effect

A study by C. Garcia and R.A. Ramos states that high THCV strains can produce encouraging results in delaying the growth of Parkinson’s disease and ameliorating parkinsonian symptoms. It may help in cases of seizure disorders and Alzheimer’s, too, although these are still debatable.

3. Bone Growth Stimulator

THCV has been proven to stimulate bone nodule formation and collagen production. Therefore it can be helpful in the treatment of degenerative bone disorders like osteoporosis.

4. Insulin Resistance

A study by E.T. Wargent published in 2013 showed that THCV could be helpful for diabetes patients who suffer from glucose intolerance. Rats, the ones that consumed the cannabinoid, demonstrated increased strength expenditure and rebuilt insulin signaling in insulin resistance.

5. Bowel Diseases Treatment

A study shows that regular consumption of THCV may help to treat inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease.

6. Reducing Panic Attacks

THCV can potentially prevent panic attacks. Therefore, it can be a possible option for patients with PTSD and anxiety disorders. Researchers have stated that THCV suppresses our panic mode, which naturally occurs in human beings as a response to possible threats.

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7. Decreasing Drug Abuse And Addiction

The fact that THCV can only get you high after an extremely high dose like CBN. In low doses, it works as an antagonist of the CB1 receptor. Therefore it can be used to decrease drug dependence of people, especially nicotine-dependants.

Not only that, THCV even enhances focus and elevates the mood in a safer way than THC and other cannabinoids.

THCV Disadvantages

THCV Disadvantages

With so many outstanding advantages, while it seems safe to consume THCV products, however, the question arises about the other side of the coin: its negative effects. Although there isn’t enough study to determine this, still, researchers have mentioned that a higher dose of THCV works as an agonist for CB1 receptors even faster than THC.

It is safe to use 10 mg of THCV per day, which is mildly intoxicating and provides a clear-headed high. But keep in mind, any more than that can cause alarming concern.

While its use as a food suppressant can be a silver lining for patients with “Bulimia Nervosa,” it would eventually get worse for patients with “Anorexia Nervosa,” as they already eat little. Therefore, the use of any kind of food suppressant, such as THCV, can be extremely harmful to them.


Like any other cannabinoid, THCV is still being researched and studied. Although some researchers view it as a cumulative compound packed with multiple green flags, some medical associations still determine it as a red flag. Even with such medical importance, THCV is still not legalized in most parts of the world.

Nevertheless, due to current studies, THCV is getting way more popular due to its potential health benefits and getting recognition for medical uses more than delta-9 THC.

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