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Top Continental Winter Tires


Continental, a German company, manufactures components for vehicles, including tires and electronics.

The factories are located in 13 countries and produce tires for trucks and cars.

It is the main production area, as the brand makes medium and premium-class products.

The range also includes low-cost models with excellent features.

Top 5 Continental Winter Tires

Black car on an iced road surrounded by trees covered with snow

1. ContiVikingContact 7

The friction model is used for passenger cars. The directional tread pattern increases vehicle stability at high speeds. It is considered the best in its class in terms of overall performance and handling on ice and snow. The winter tire for cars is stable and highly responsive to steering movements.

The vehicle is known for its excellent handling on all types of surfaces:

Car in winter. tire on a snowy road in bad weather.

  1. Dry and wet asphalt.
  2. Snow and sleet.
  3. Snow porridge and off-road.

Group of people driving quad bikes on snowy road

Handling snow and stopping distance on ice is the best result among analogs. Soft rubber composition reduces noise and improves drainage during water planning. The tire works well at critically low temperatures, curing to precisely the right level without cracking.

2. Continental IceContact 3

Premium studded rubber is used on cars and crossovers. The special shape of the water-releasing sipes provides maximum traction on snowy roads but is less effective on dry asphalt. The steering level drops drastically, but good braking remains. When wet, it shows a short braking distance and a confident, controlled ride.

Close up on car tire during winter roadtrip

Continental IceContact 3 performs excellently on the ice. The machine accelerates quickly at high speeds, maintains stable control, and brakes cleanly without losing the purchase. The model uses rubber tire technology to reduce road damage and noise levels.

3. IceContact 2 SUV

Produced separately for crossovers and SUVs or cars, premium studded rubber is highly specialized and designed to perform complex maneuvers on snowy surfaces. It shows one of the best test results, including acceleration and braking on snowy slush.

Dirty passenger car parked winter day outside the city sunny day in cold weather

Performance is above average on wet tarmac, but braking distance increases on dry tarmac. The handling is excellent in all driving conditions. A special rubber compound is used, which reduces noise effects and tire wear. As an added bonus, fuel consumption is reduced by almost 5% (depending on the road surface).

4. ContiWinterContact TS 830 P

An asymmetric protector of this type is a patented novelty. The manufacturer has applied narrower and more convex blocks in the shoulder area, increasing the number of sipes in the contact patch when cornering. It increases driving stability on snow and ice, at high speeds, or off-road.

Car tire in snow outdoors in winter

However, it shows the best braking performance on snow among Scandinavian Velcro and efficient performance on thick, compacted snow and ice mix. It practically digs into the surface, locking into position and responding to steering inputs. The number of lamellae in the center section has been increased for aquaplaning and water film control in icy conditions.

5. ContiCrossContact Winter

The manufacturer has developed a special model for light trucks and off-road vehicles. It is designed for heavy loads and stabilizes the vehicle if at risk of skidding. The tires feature an advanced silica-based compound to easily withstand low temperatures without losing their qualities.

Car tires on winter road covered with snow. vehicle on snowy alley in the morning at snowfall

The series is one of the best in terms of breaking on ice and snow, as well as showing excellent handling. It’s particularly efficient in off-road and slushy conditions. In other situations, its performance is average, such as dry asphalt. The stable outer shoulder and optimized sipes help remove snow and water from the contact patch without losing control.



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