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Using TTS for Customer service


In today’s tech-savvy landscape, customers have a strong grip on purchasing power. Thus, businesses strive for reliability and predictability, intending to make each customer service experience seamless.

With the growth of AI/ML, digital automation, and conversational UI, enterprises can now engage with customers across different channels, facilitating deeper engagements and more personalized interaction.

This is the fundamental reason why many businesses are switching to AI-powered text-to-speech technology to provide their consumers with more innovative, best-in-class, and cost-effective solutions.

Using TTS Technology and IVR Systems for Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Text to speech (TTS) is a form of assistive technology that transforms written sentences into spoken voice, essentially synthesizing speech from text.

With advances in deep learning, today, we can generate incredibly natural-sounding voices by utilizing a top-quality text to voice generator capable of making changes to pitch, pace, pronunciation, and intonation.

Now let’s talk about Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. IVR systems have emerged as the standard for advanced customer support facilities. Integrating IVR systems with intelligent self-service solutions offers a superior customer support experience.

IVR technology breakthroughs facilitate more interactive customer engagements, enabling them to express their requirements on their terms without hassle.

Brands can promptly address customer problems, boost customer satisfaction levels, minimize dropout and disengagement, and offer viable self-support alternatives leveraging this solution.

Businesses must realize that both traditional and conversational TTS form a crucial element of IVR systems. Text-to-speech voices can deliver a reliable and persistent customer experience right from raising support requests to comprehensive query resolution.

How Does TTS Solve the Challenges Faced by IVR Support Systems While Delivering Customer Service?

Here are some key challenges haunting IVR customer support, along with their solutions achieved through TTS and IVR integration:

1. Inefficient solution

Inefficient solution

IVR solutions frequently include several selections for each phase of the customer interaction touchpoint, which might irritate users and elongate customer care interactions.

If a consumer wants to speak with the company on a constant schedule, the lack of convenience and authentic conversational choices might ruin their experience.

TTS for customer support enables more authentic, simplified interactions, providing users with what they need more quickly and allowing the handling of more individuals in a shorter time frame.

2. Scarcity of available industry solutions

industry solutions

Highly-efficient traditional IVR systems are scarce in the industry.

Several brands find it extremely difficult to make alterations in voice-overs as they have to record a new one every time they need to change even a single word or sentence. In most cases, this process could take anywhere between a few weeks to months.

TTS eliminates the need for advertisers to plan voiceover retakes months ahead of time. Conversely, they could generate countless versions of distinct voiceovers in no time on digital text-to-speech software.

3. Conversational tone adjustment

Conversational tone adjustment

Consumers that require assistance may be remarkably annoyed or susceptible to the conversational tone used.

When businesses deploy solutions with pre-recorded, neutral conversations, the tone is typically simpler and may be less efficient in relaxing or soothing a customer.

TTS solutions are capable of generating a more lifelike tone than traditional IVR services. TTS also enables tone alterations without needing to re-record sentences with a voiceover artist, thus delivering a consistent conversational tone.


Brands must realize the need for a consistent and recognizable customer support voice.

TTS systems allow businesses to perfect their digital speech avatars that personify their brand and assist their consumers. It enables them to discover and customize their own TTS for customer support operations.



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