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US May Charge China for Damages Caused for COVID-19

US May Charge China for Damages Caused for COVID-19


The US President on Tuesday mentioned in a press conference that he might seek all the damages from China that have been caused by Coronavirus, a pandemic which happened in Wuhan and spread all across the world. 

The US President claims, “we are not happy with China” while he was in the White House. He also said that “we are not happy with the whole situation because we believe it could have been stopped in the source.”

He said that it could have been stopped all in the beginning and it would not have spread all over the world. The US President has also indicated to all other countries that there are many other ways by which you can consider china accountable while Trump and his team in the US are doing some serious investigation on China. 

The US President was also questioned on a recent editorial which was published in a German newspaper which says that China has to pay $165 billion to German for all the damage that has been caused by the virus in Germany.  

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While the US President was asked if they would do the same thing, he said that they would do something easier than that. 

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“Germany is looking at things, we are looking at things. We are talking about a lot more money than Germany’s talking about.” 

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The US President also said that he has not made up his mind about the amount but he clarifies that he would ask for the entire world. It is damage not only to the US but also to the entire world. The amount must be sufficient to recover the damage. The pandemic has led to the shut down of many companies while many and millions have lost jobs in various countries across the world. 

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