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Ventilator Price In India Have Risen Due to COVID-19 Disaster

Ventilator Price In India Have Risen Due to COVID-19 Disaster


Kolkata: As Coronavirus cases have been rising in the country, the Ventilator Price in India goes hand-in-hand with the virus. Reporters laid down an investigation about the price-gouging of ventilators. This device plays a crucial role for all Covid-19 patients because they need it for survival.

Hoarding Shoots Up Demand

Kamlesh Maurya, Delhi’s Medikam Enterprises business head, said to the reporter that demand is high and there’s no availability of ventilators. 

“If you are fine with buying different brands, it will cost you more (than the regular price). If I have to ask for price quotations from the dealerships, it will be in the range of six lakh (rupees).” He added.

On the other hand, he acknowledges that the same device will cost half the amount normally. Ventilator Price in India has increased not because of medical emergencies but because of coronavirus fears.

Well-Off StockingPiling Ventilators

Teerthanker Mahaveer Traders, Naman Jain in Delhi disclosed how housing societies and high-ranking officials are stockpiling portable ventilators.

One of the customers has brought those ventilators at a premium price, the assistant commissioner of police insisted. 

However, the reporters asked Mr.Jain that “Do you mean he bought them for no immediate use?”

“Nothing (of that sort). Just for safety purposes,” Jain replied. “We, the vendors here, collectively had 6,000 ventilators, out of which 700-740 were Trilogy (portable Philips ventilators). Now only 11-12 are left,” Jain said.

Sellers and distributors are taking advantage of the coronavirus disaster. They are taking payment for saving the life of people by supplying life-saving machines.

“I had 20 (ventilator) monitors. I gave preference to our existing clients, who made inquiries,” Gajendra Singh of YMG Healthcare said. “It’s a game of demand and supply. More demand and less supply increase the prices.”

According to the estimation, there are over 40,000 are available in India at present. But this month, the central government banned the export of sanitizers and ventilators in order to deal with the shortages.

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