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What Does Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

What does dragon fruit taste like?

Believe me; I have a long answer for this. Because, I cannot make you taste it with a single word like — sweet, sour, or bitter. A single word is not enough to describe its creamy, crunchy, and overall texture of melting the dragon fruit inside your mouth.

Also, FYI, dragon fruits don’t taste like Dragon meat (not that I have tasted any). But, surely, it is one of those fruits people are talking a lot about lately. It has created quite the hype (not to mention that the price has surely soared).

If you are thinking – should I buy dragon fruit? Or should I taste it? Then let me tell you a few words. Also, let me tell you how it tastes.

What Does Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

So you want to know what pitahaya or dragoon fruit tastes like? An honest answer– there is honestly nothing quite similar to it. As I said before, you cannot quite describe its taste with a single word.

However, most people say that if watermelons, kiwis, and pears had a baby, it would taste like dragon fruit. Keeping the taste aside– the dragon fruit is attractive because of how it looks. It has no similarity to the edible fruits you can see on planet earth.

Dragon Fruit Taste

The queer looks of dragon fruits make people think it has exquisite taste. However, the flavor is – distinguishably – sweet, like watermelons. The Fruit’s flesh is soft and tender. You can use a spoon to scoop it out. The black seeds scattered inside the Fruit are crunchy and add a variety to the soft flesh when eaten.

However, the taste can differ among different coloured dragon fruits. Yes, pink skin and white flesh are what you might have imagined a dragon fruit to have. However, there are three different colors of dragon fruits and each of them has varying degrees of sweetness.

So, you want to know what does a dragon fruit taste like? Then follow through.

1. White Dragon Fruit

White Dragon Fruit

Hylocereus Undatus, or the white dragon fruit, is the most popular and mostly available in supermarkets. They have pink coloured skin and white flesh. The white fruits come second when it comes to sweetness. There are five different colored dragon fruits, and all of them have varying degrees of sweetness.

2. Red Dragon Fruit

What does red dragon fruit taste like? Hylocereus Guatemalensis, or the red dragon fruit, has slightly red to deep red coloured flesh. The Fruit tastes the sweetest when the skin turns deep red. They are not rare, but you will find more white dragon fruits in the market than red ones. They are great for making desserts.

3. Pink Dragon Fruits

Pink Dragon Fruits

What does dragon fruit taste like? They are sweet. But the pinks are a little different than the others. The pink dragon fruits or Hylocereus Polyrhizus are more attractive than the white ones in terms of colors. They look pink both on the inside and on the outside. They also taste sweet, similar to the white ones.

4. Yellow Dragon Fruit

Yellow Dragon Fruit

What does yellow dragon fruit taste like? Well, only a few people know. Because Selenicereus Megalanthus, or yellow dragon fruit, is only produced in Central America and is not widely distributed in other places. They have yellow skin and are the sweetest among all the different dragon fruits. They are also smaller in size.

5. Sour Dragon Fruit

How does dragon fruit taste? If you ask someone who has eaten one, they will usually answer that they taste sweet. But dragon fruits also taste sour. However, sour dragon fruits are not commonly found everywhere. These fruits have the same look as the white ones – pink skin and white flesh. However, it tastes sour and is juicier than the white ones.

Let’s Make Dragon Fruit Taste Better

You can eat dragon fruit on its own. But there is no shame in making it taste better. Since the taste is a little bland to some people, they can always top it up with something to spice it up. Here are a few approaches that I would suggest –

  • Drizzle The Fruit With Honey: The simplest way to make it taste better is by making it sweeter. And there is nothing sweeter than honey. Drizzle some honey on top of your dragon fruit and make it taste better.
  • Use Yogurt As Toppings: When topped up with some greek yogurt, the Fruit gets a creamy texture that you will love to savor. Some toasted almonds or Macadamia nuts also work fine.
  • Dragonfruit Smoothies: The best way of all ( to me) is to make smoothies with dragon fruit. You will need bananas and some berries, and put the dragon fruit the in the blender.

What does dragon fruit taste like? I think you know the answer now. With these different tricks, you can also change the taste according to your taste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

So, that sums up the answer to your query. Here are some additional questions and answers about the same.

1. What Is Dragon Fruit Good For?

Ans: Dragon fruits are good for health. They are high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, and other antioxidants. Also, it boosts the level of iron in your body. It is tasty as it is healthy in many ways.

2. What Makes Dragon Fruit Taste Better?

Ans: Dragon fruit usually has a pleasant taste and a subtle sweet flavor. You can eat it on its own, or you can top it up with honey or Yogurt. You can also make the taste better by making a dragon fruit smoothie using all the different ingredients like banana, pineapple, strawberries, and other fruits.

3. Is Dragon Fruit Worth Buying?

Ans: You can buy dragon fruit for different reasons. First, if you are curious to know what it tastes like, then you should buy it. If you are aware of its nutritional value, then you can eat it regularly. Also, you can eat dragon fruits simply because you love their taste. So, is dragon fruit worth buying? Yes, it is.

Concluding Thoughts

Dragon fruits are attractive both in their looks and their tastes. The different colors of their skins and the flesh of the dragon fruits make them attractive to buyers. What does dragon fruit taste like? I think you have found your answer to that.

It is a tasty fruit and is full of different vitamins and nutrients. Maybe you should taste it and find out what it tastes like for yourself.

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