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What Is A DBS Check And How Does It Work?

DBS Check

A DBS check is a common requirement for a number of roles. The purpose is to give employers peace of mind about their employee’s criminal past while protecting people and data in the workplace, but how do they work?

There are several different kinds of DBS checks available, and just how the process works might depend on which one you’re having done.

Here, we go through each of the three checks, from basic to enhanced, to give you a slightly more in-depth understanding.

Let’s see ‘what is a DBS check.’

What Is A DBS Check? What Does It Mean?

DBS check is more like e record checking process. Your employers are going to check the records of the individual person. And under this criminal records checking process, everything is counted on. 

The full meaning of the DBS check is Criminal Records Bureau. The DBS checks are carried by the disclosure and the barring services. Every person is suitable for this test. And these checking processes determine whether you are suitable to work with adults and children or not.

If you are applying for a job in a daycare center or any senior person’s look after. This checking of prices will be conducted. And it will go to determine how safe you are for the children and for the senior adult people.

Basic Check

The basic DBS check is the undersized intrusive of the DBS checks. It looks for the currently unspent types of criminal convictions, warnings along with reprimands.

  • It can either be carried out by the individual themselves or on their behalf by a responsible organization or their employer.
  • To complete the application form online, you need to be able to provide all your addresses from the previous five years and the dates you were at each abode. You’ll also need your NI number, a debit or credit card, and your passport.
  • Once you’ve requested that one be carried out, either yourself or through a responsible organization, you just need to wait for the results to come through. It generally takes around 14 days for a basic check to be carried out and for you to receive your certificate.

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Standard & Enhanced Checks

The standard and enhanced checks are slightly more in-depth than the basic check. The standard types of checks look for both types of spent and unspent types of criminal convictions, reprimands along with warnings. 

So who needs a DBS check? In addition to that, it enhances the checking process will, including any information that is considered by the local police department.

This information is relevant to the role being applied for.

  • Unlike the basic DBS check, standard and enhanced checks can only be carried out for specific roles. Generally, you’ll have to be offered a job that requires a standard or enhanced DBS check before it is carried out.
  • Once you’ve been offered the job, you will fill in the appropriate form for your employer, providing them with similar documentation to the basic check in order to prove your identity. They will then send that information to the Disclosure and Barring Service, often via a third party.
  • The search will then be carried out. If the enhanced check is being carried out, it may or may not include a search of specific barred lists. This happens if the role in question involves caring for or being in sole charge of vulnerable adults or children.
  • Standard and enhanced checks can take a lot longer than basic checks to carry out, generally around eight weeks rather than 14 days for basic checks. They can also take longer, especially if the individual being checked has lived in multiple areas in the UK over the past five years, and multiple police departments need to be involved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What Will Show Up On A DBS Check?

Ans: A DBS Check will reveal all criminal activity recorded against you so far. This check will provide a report that will show all unspent convictions. In addition, it will also reveal all warnings and reprimands that have been issued by the authority against you. All of these data are stored in the Police National Computer.

Q2. What Are The Three Types Of DBS Checks?

Ans: There are three primary types of DBS Checks. They are:

• Basic Check
• Standard Check
• Enhanced Check

Q3. How Far Back Does A DBS Check Go?

Ans: There is no expiration date of your criminal records on the DBS check. Therefore, It will store all data about you in its servers, even after you die and generations have passed.

Q4. How Much Does The DBS Cost?

Ans: The current prices to conduct a DBS check from October 2019 onwards are:

• Basic Check: £23 Pounds
• Standard Check: £25 Pounds
• Enhanced Check: £40 Pounds

Wrapping It Up:

After reading this article, you should know what is a DBS check. Every type of different DBS shows different types of data. But the standard checking process is always showing multiple authentic data.

If you are applying for any type of job where you have to take of elderly people or small children, your employers will always go thoroughly check your database. Therefore, a DBS check is used to undergo this checking process.

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