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Whiskey Neat: How Do You Do It?

Whisky neat is a mind-blowing idea for alcoholic beverage lovers. But right straight from the bottle can taste sour. Whiskey is a particular type of alcoholic beverage with several unique flavors. The unique flavors of the whisky make this beverage widely accepted among alcoholic beverages fascinating people.

It can range from rich and smoky to light and fruity, making it a top favorite among people. If you haven’t had whiskey before, here is a guide to drinking whiskey neat – the right way!

Whiskey Neat: How Do You Do It?

Whiskey Neat: How Do You Do It?

In terms of alcoholic beverages, the word whisky neat means having it without a mixer or ice. The whisky on rock style is most often one of the authentic ways to consume this alcoholic beverage. Other than the whisky on rock style, you even can take the neat. For the stronger smell and the flavors, the neat whisky is a very authentic choice.

Here is the instruction to prepare the neat whisky.

  • Start by pouring a small amount of whisky into a low glass. Tall glasses do not work well with whiskey because they take away from the aroma and overall taste of the beverage.
  • Now, without adding any ice, water, or mixer, bring the tumbler closer to your nose to divulge in its scent. Smell the whiskey at least two times before drinking it. This will help your olfactory senses get a good taste of the flavor profile, which will eventually complement it when the whiskey hits your taste buds.
  • While smelling your whiskey, you may get a strong whiff of alcohol in your first go. However, you’ll have to dig deeper to understand its smoky or fruity flavors.
  • Once you’ve experienced what the whiskey smells like, it’s time to give it a taste.

If you generally enjoy the taste of alcohol, you will enjoy a glass of whiskey neat. Take a small sip of your whiskey, but don’t swallow it right away. In order to truly enjoy the drink, it’s best to let it swirl around in your mouth so your taste buds can pick up on the different flavor profiles.

If you breathe through your nose while you swallow the whiskey, it can help you get a better essence of what the whiskey is all about in terms of flavor, aroma, and texture.

Now, if you do not like the taste of whiskey right away, do not give up just yet. Let your tongue get used to the new flavor and try another sip or two. Whiskey neat is generally a harder beverage compared to having it on the rocks. Hence, it does take some effort to get used to it.

Choosing Your Alcoholic Beverage

Choosing Your Alcoholic Beverage

If you’ve been drinking whiskey before reading this, then there is a chance that you already have a few favorites. It always helps to do a bit of research in choosing the best kind of alcohol for an elevated experience – none of the cheap stuff, okay?

Do the experiment and try out new whiskey flavors; the great idea is to subscribe to The Whiskey Club subscription box so you can try out new flavors to find one that suits you the best! Often the consumers think the single malt is smoother in taste. But in general, the single malt whisky has more spirit in it to achieve the perfect concentration. Hence this is not the right opinion. You can start with single malts for a stronger flavor.

The Bottom Line

Whiskey neat is definitely an acquired taste. It’s safe to say that it isn’t for everyone. However, if you do it right with high-quality whiskey and really try to appreciate how it tastes, then you may actually end up drinking it like the pros! Better to try with the rich and smooth whisky. Because of the sour smell and the bitter taste, both are the worst enemy of neat consumers. If you are a beginner, smooth whisky is the best choice for you.

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