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Xiaomi in New Dark Mode 2.0 and MIUI 12 Released

The ever-popular and the most talked about MIUI Android flavor of the Xiaomi has the 12th release scheduled on the horizon. As per the latest news and the leaks about the Xiaomi, it has been found that the MIUI is going to be released on 27th April. The most significant and one of the highlighted features of this will be the dark mode 2.0 Xiaomi. 

Xiaomi in New Dark Mode 2.0 and MIUI 12 New Features 

Out of many other things, some of the things that will be there in the new version of the mode are as follows, 

The Wallpaper dimming effect is something that everyone expected, so that is here but with an interesting twist in the feature. Instead of simply dimming the wallpaper image uniformly, Dark Mode 2.0 will attempt to intelligently simulate a gradual light transition, according to the day-night cycle. Something that is more interesting that finding the images will only work with the pre-determined settings of the image system. The new Xiaomi has come up with the feature that it will be able to pull off with any kind of custom image as wallpaper.

Another important feature is the front weight adjustment which is descriptive enough as the name suggests.  In this feature, you will be able to adjust the boldness of your text automatically and will also reduce the glare and blur of the text. It has been build on the pre-existing dynamic font system of the MIUI 11. This feature is expected to work in both dark and light mode. 

Another new feature that has been added to the dark mode of Xiaomi and the MIUI 12 is the contrast adjustment. It is a decent step toward the facility of the more pleasant reading experience. The main idea here is that the relative brightness and contrast difference between the black background and white text in Dark Mode 2.0 should adapt dynamically, according to the amount of ambient light.

*the source of this news is GSMArena and the facts and figure remain the same.

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