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5 Signs That Could Mean Your Boiler Needs Replacing


While your boiler is likely to be used more during winter, you will still need a working and effective boiler all year round.

This will help ensure that you have hot water when needed and that your home is nice and warm. To know if you have an effective boiler, you should be aware of the signs that could point to problems.

Here Are Five Important Signs That Could Mean Your Boiler Needs Replacing

Continue reading to find out about five signs that could mean your boiler needs replacing.

1. Increased Bills

install Boiler

Firstly, look at your recent bills. If you have noticed your energy bills are much higher than usual, and it’s still rising more than projected high winter costs, then this could be a sign that your boiler isn’t performing as well as it should be.

Your boiler may be adding approximately 40% to your energy bills. An older boiler could be at fault, or it could just be that your boiler is having issues requiring you to use it more.

Look at your most recent bill and look at the bills from previous months. It will also be best to look at the bill for the same period the year before. This could give you a more accurate reading and interesting data to compare.

If you believe your boiler is at fault for increased bills, then you should consider contacting your energy supplier. They may also be able to provide you with a smart meter. A smart meter will be useful here, as it allows you to see how much energy and heating you are using and when it is being used.

This will be a great way for you to find out if there is anything truly wrong with your boiler or if you are just using it more than you thought. This will also allow you to figure out if your boiler needs replacing.

2. Slow Performance

Generally, a slow performance with your boiler could be an indicator that your boiler is in trouble and could need replacing. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire boiler is no good. It could just be a small issue that is impacting the speed and performance. You should try a few different settings to see if it’s just that one setting that is having issues.

Either way, you should get a plumber to come in and take a look. An expert may be able to notice something that you didn’t. At the very least, an expert will be able to look at your boiler in a safer way than you, as they have the skills and training to do it properly. They will also know how to perform tests to test general safety and performance.

If your boiler is performing slowly, you should search for a plumber. You can find many plumbers online if you don’t know any personally. It’s crucial that, when searching, you are searching for plumbers in your specific area. This means that if you live in London, you should search for plumbers in London or around the London area.

There are sites and tools that make this easy. For example, you can browse for plumbers in London by using MyBuilder. You can see their reviews through their site, ensuring you are getting the best plumber for the job that you need.

You can contact an expert plumber, who you can then get a quote from. Some plumbers may offer a free visit and only give you a quote for any potential action that they believe is necessary. Either way, it will be in your best interest to contact a plumber if your boiler is performing slower than usual.

3. Change In Flame Colour

If you have a gas boiler with a visible flame, then it’s important that you are aware of what specific colors can mean. For example, usually, when a boiler is working properly, you should be able to see a  blue flame. This is the standard. If you have visibility on the flame and notice that it is burning yellow, then this could be a sign that your boiler is in serious trouble.

That’s because, in most cases, a yellow flame can point to your boiler leaking carbon monoxide. As you may know, carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, so it can be otherwise hard to spot. If left unattended, carbon monoxide leakage can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which could prove to be fatal.

You should be aware of a few signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. The most common comes in the shape of dizziness and headaches. Fatigue is also something that you should look out for, as is nausea.

If you suspect that there is carbon monoxide leakage, you should get as far away as possible and call a certified expert to come and deal with it. They may be able to make a quick repair or offer a solution in some form. They may even suggest that the entire boiler needs to be replaced, as this would be for the best.

4. Constant Breakdowns

purchasing a new boiler

As you can imagine, similar to when your boiler has started performing slower, your boiler could need replacing if it breaks down more often. Any type of breakdown is a pain, but it can happen to a boiler. However, it is happening more and more often, then it may be that it is ineffective and could do with just being replaced.

Before purchasing a new boiler, you should still check your current one. It could be that one small replacement part could help the boiler feel brand new. A replacement part is also likely to be much cheaper than outright purchasing a new boiler. You may not be aware of which parts need replacing, which is why you should get an expert to come and take a look.

It may be that replacement parts are no longer available for your boiler. If you can’t get the parts manufactured, you will not be able to get them repaired or prevent the breakdowns that occur. In situations like this, replacing the entire boiler with something more modern may just be best.

5. Unusual Noises

The last sign that could mean your boiler is in trouble comes from unusual noises. It is perfectly normal for your boiler to make some noises, especially as it heats up during the morning, but you will be aware of the normal noises your boiler makes.

You may be used to hearing the same hum each morning, but it’s not uncommon for certain boilers to make strange noises. However, if you start hearing banging sounds, or even anything whirring, this could be cause for concern.

The strange noises may be caused by broken pipes and valves or wear and tear. Either way, it may be best for you to turn off the boiler as soon as possible and call an expert. This expert could be a plumber who can inspect your boiler and diagnose what’s wrong with it. They may be able to provide a quick fix, or they may condemn it and tell you it needs to be replaced.

You must be looking out for the signs mentioned throughout this article so that you know what an issue for your boiler could be. There may be options for you to explore before completely replacing your boiler, but it will be best to get an expert opinion first.

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