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Top 12+ Action Camera Flashlight In 2023 – Reviews, Pricing & Quality

Top 12+ Action Camera Flashlight In 2023 – Reviews, Pricing & Quality

action camera flashlight

If you are going to surf or deep dive underwater, you need a good action camera to record the thrilling moment. But, having a high-quality camera is required.

If you are diving deep underwater or at night, you need good lighting conditions to record the footage you want to record. Action camera flashlights come in really handy in such cases.

Now, if you are looking for the best action cameras, how can I not suggest the best ones? So, here are some good action cameras you should try.

Best Action Cameras In 2023:

Here are the best action camera flashlights you need to check out in 2023:

1. Suptig 60 LED video light

Suptig 60 LED video light action camera flashlight is great for the great compatibility feature it comes with. Yes, you can use it with all the versions of GoPro. For example, GoPro Hero 3 to GoPro Hero 11 can be equipped with this flashlight. The camera flashlight features a special design and four different lighting modes.

Ulanzi VL49 2000 mAh LED light


  • Perfect compatibility
  • 164ft Waterproof
  • 4 Lighting Modes
  • Lithium battery is used
Pros Cons 
5 hours of light in high mode.Large for a regular GoPro.
Large light source.It is hard to carry and connect to the smaller GoPro.
Waterproof LED light.
Large power source.
18 months of warranty.

2. Ulanzi VL49 2000 mAh LED light

Light of the Ulanzi VL49 action camera flashlight can be softer, lighter, or more dazzling based on your needs. There is a built-in battery of 2000 mah. It can hold its maximum brightness until 120 minutes. This camera flashlight has an adjustable color temperature. You can give your videos a wide range of colors with adjustable temperatures.

Ulanzi VL49


  • Built-in Lithium Battery (2000mAh)
  • Adjustable Color Temp
  • Cold Shoe Mounts
Two hours of charge can give you maximum brightness.Other action cameras have better total power.
Color temperature is adjustable.
There are extra expansion joints.

3. GoPro Light Mod

Now, you can get high-quality and crispy details in all of your videos with the GoPro light Mod action camera flashlight. It is built strongly, and you can take it 10 meters underwater. The battery offers you 6 hours of runtime.

GoPro Light Mod


  • Offers you 4 levels of brightness.
  • The action camera flashlight is waterproof.
Official GoPro accessory.Overdrive mode lasts for only 30 seconds.
Up to six hours of a run long time.The maximum runtime of the light lasts only at 20 lumens.

4. Suptig Video Lighting Dive Light

Suptig Action camera flashlights are always one of the best due to their excessive features and aggressive price. It is compatible with most GoPro and other cameras. There are five colors of different illuminating lights. Most interestingly, the flashlight stays active 45 meters underwater.

Suptig Video Lighting Dive Light


  • Universal compatibility.
  • 5 different illuminating light options.
  • Works 147 ft underwater.
  • Lithium battery powered.
Stainless steel casing.Color modes may seem oversaturated.
Up to 45 meters waterproof. 2.5 duration for white light.
Five different lighting modes and colors.

5. Ulanzi Pictron VL28 Vlogging Light

Built with a rechargeable battery and four different brightness levels, Ulanzi Pictron VL28 Light is a great action camera flashlight you should check out. It also includes Cold Shoe Adaptors.

Ulanzi Pictron VL28


  • 4 levels of brightness
  • Built-in rechargeable battery included.
  • Ultra Pocket Size
  • Camera Cold Shoe Adapter included.
45 minutes of long runtime at the maximum brightness level.These camera flashlights are not waterproof.
Lasts for three hours in one full charge.
Compatible with different action cameras.

6. Hongdak Underwater Diving Light

If you are looking for a great diving action camera flashlight for your GoPro or any other action camera, then this is the one you can choose. The flashlight is compatible with GoPro, Nikon, or Sony SLR cameras.

Hongdak Underwater Diving Light


  • Wide angle lighting with 300 lumens of brightness. 
  • Great for diving.
Pros Cons 
147ft waterproof. The battery power could have been better.

7. Suptig XShot High Power Dimmable LED video light

Most Suptig action camera flashlights are perfectly compatible with many different types of action cameras. GoPro cameras go easily with this action camera flashlight. Also, a 1050 mAh rechargeable battery offers 4 hours of service in low light.

Suptig XShot High Power Dimmable


  • Three different Modes of Light
  • 147ft Waterproof
  • Rechargeable Battery
Pros Cons 
1.5 hours of charge at maximum brightness.Waterproof (147 feet underwater).1050mAh  battery is lower compared to many other alternatives available.
30  days money-back guarantee.
24-month warranty.

8. VL-81 LED video light

Vl-81 LED video light is one of the best action camera flashlights among the best rechargeable flashlights. The white light is adjustable from white to warm. Here are the features–

 VL-81 LED video light


  • White Light Adjustable
  • 81 Beads Light and Softbox
  • 3 Cold Shoe Mount
Large battery of 3000 mAh.Absence of weather sealing on the action camera flashlight.
81 LED lightning beads.
Color temperature is adjustable.

9. Simorr LED video light

This action camera flashlight by Suptig is great if you are looking for a portable LED video light. Also, the light is dimmable from 2700- 6500k. The light packs a powerful 2200 mAh battery. Here are the features –

Simorr LED video light


  • Portable Video light.
  • 2200 mAh Large Capacity Battery.
  • 2700-6500k Dimmable
  • 3 Cold Shoe Mounts.
96 LED light beams.The lights can last for 105 minutes at maximum brightness.
Wide light throw.
Dimmable light.Color temperature control.

10. RM01 Waterproof Portable LED light

RM01 Waterproof Portable LED light offers you a  professional quality action camera flashlight for photography and videography. The brightness level of the light is adjustable, and it is durable and waterproof.

RM01 Waterproof Portable LED light


  • Adjustable levels of Brightness
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
Weather sealing comes with the flashlight.The battery capacity is minimal.


This is another action camera flashlight that needs your attention if you are looking for something similar.  You will find 162 LEDs included in this camera flashlight. Also, the illumination angle of the camera is adjustable. With blue, red, green, and white lights.


  • 162s dimmable LEDs.
  • Four different colors of lights available.
  • Runs for around 3 hours.
Great number of lights.Runs for only 30 minutes on a full charge.
Adjustable lights with four different color filters.
 Last for 3 hours on a full charge.

12. Lume Cube Bicolor Panel Mini

Whether you have a DSLR camera, or a GoPro, you can use the Lume Cube bicolor panel mini action camera flashlight. The flashlight is really small and fits your action camera or DSLR camera easily.

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Lume Cube Bicolor Panel Mini


  • Comes with mini camera shoe mount.
  • USB- C charging cable.
  • Softening diffuser.
Pros Cons 
Offers great light for high quality video recording.Not good enough for professional usages.
 You can record videos on Youtube far better with the use of it.
USB – C cable attached.

13. GoPro Zeus Mini

If you are looking for the Best action camera flashlight, then you can consider the GoPro Zeus Mini Action camera flashlight. The light comes with 200 Lumens of brightness with 4 different brightness levels.

GoPro Zeus Mini


  • Compatible with GoPro.
  • 200 lumens brightness.
  • 4 different brightness levels.
  • Works under 45-meter water.
Compatible with GoPro.Only 1000 mAh battery. Other alternatives offer larger batteries.
200 lumens brightness.
 Waterproof (up to 147 ft underwater).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I have answered a few relevant questions about the action camera flashlights here. 

1. How To Choose Action Camera Flashlight?

Ans: It is not easy to choose the right action camera flashlight for your action camera. Here are the parameters for picking them–

Compatibility check.
Dimension and weight.
Color temperature and options.
Battery lifespan.

2. How Long Do Action Camera Flashlights Last?

Ans: The long-lastingness of action camera flashlights depends upon the lumens it is used at. At 20 to 50 lumens, your flashlight can last for around 10 to 12 hours. The battery size also depends upon the long-lastingness of the action cameras.

3. What Is The Best Flashlight For Action Camera?

Ans: Here are the best flashlights for action cameras–

Suptig 60 LED video light
Ulanzi VL49 2000 mAh LED light
GoPro Light Mod
Suptig Video Lighting Dive Light
Ulanzi Picton VL28 Vlogging Light

The End

All the different action camera flashlights suggested here are unique and maintain a good price-to-specification ratio. They are durable, and most of the recommendations can offer good light underwater. You can choose from the suggestions mentioned here.

However, if you have any additional questions, you can leave them in the comment section. We will answer them as soon as possible.

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