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Is Animedao Legit? – Watch Your Favourite Anime Using Animedao

Is Animedao Legit? – Watch Your Favourite Anime Using Animedao


I was chatting with strangers on this platform called Omegle, and I was stunned by how anime can connect the world. I was talking to people from different countries, and most of them love anime. When I asked some of them where do you watch anime, most of them answered – Animedao.

I have been using other websites like Crunchyroll, Kissanime, and Cartoonsarea until now. So, I had to look into this website and see if it is really as good as they say.

Here is all you need to know about it. If you are wondering if Animedao is safe or not, this article should help you find the answer.

What is Animedao?

Animedao is one of the best free anime websites for watching different types of anime. This website is famous worldwide for free streaming of different anime from different genres. You can choose from both the English subbed and the Japanese language as your preferred language.

Anime lovers can access different types of anime from different genres like shounen, seinen, comedy, samurai, comedy, action, slice of life, ecchi, harem, romance, thriller, and more. You can kick back on your couch and watch your favorite anime from Animedao.

What is Animedao

You can watch anime in high quality on this platform. The website is pretty is easy to navigate through, and it provides users with a great user experience.

Animedao Features:

The website has a user-friendly interface, and it offers users a wide selection of anime to stream from. However, those are not all the features that make Animedao a great website. There are more. Here are some of their features –

  • The website has a great and user-friendly interface.
  • They have a huge collection of content, including anime, movies,l series, cartoons, and shows you can stream or download.
  • Animedao video streaming quality adjusts the video quality automatically according to your network speed. You can also manually choose the video streaming quality.
  • The website is packed with different features like filters, categories, browse options, built-in video players, and more.
  • All the content on the website is free. You also don’t need to pay any hidden charge.
  • Anime lovers can access both Japanese-dubbed and English-dubbed content on the website.
  • They keep the website updated with the latest anime series and movies.

Updated List Of Anime:

Websites like Animedao are for both new anime watchers and for those who have been in the otaku community for years.

If you are new and you want to catch up to all the OG anime series and movies like Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Grave In The Fireflies, Dragon Ball, and The Great Teacher Onizuka, Animedao has got you covered.

You can also watch the latest released episodes of old shows that are continuing and new series that recently debuted. Here are some of the latest anime you can watch on this platform–

  • Management of Novice Alchemist
  • Peerless Martial Spirit
  • Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War
  • Lupin Zero
  • My Hero Academia (Dubbed)
  • Apotheosis
  • Against the Sky Supreme
  • Hell’s Paradise
  • Perfect World
  • Gaiken Shijou Shugi
  • Zhu Xian
  • The Dangers in My Heart
  • The Klutzy Witch
  • Skip and Loafer

Is Animedao Safe?

Yes, Animedao is usually safe. A better answer to this question would be – Animedao is not illegal. However, it operates within the legal gray area. The website streams some content that they have no rights over.

The website shows a lot of advertisements which becomes annoying at times. Also, it frequently shows pop-up ads that sometimes redirect you to a different page. These pages usually contain many harmful malware and viruses.

Is Animedao Safe? 

But, if you use a VPN and an antivirus on your device, you can successfully use this website to stream your favorite anime. If you are going to watch anime for free, you at least have to deal with these difficulties.

How To Watch Anime On Animedao?

If you want to watch anime for free, you have to do so by following the steps that I have given below –

  1. First, open a web browser and go to the official website of Animedao.
  2. You have to log in to use the website. You can use your Google Account and click on Sing in to login.
  3. Navigate to the search field of the website to find out the anime you want to watch. Now search for the anime you want to watch using its title.
  4. You will see lots of search results and will be able to Pick up anime episodes by clicking on the search results.
  5. Start watching your favorite anime by clicking on the anime content. You have to click on the Play button to start playing the anime episode you want.

You can also apply filters to search for anime content on the Animedao website. You can check the List section to apply a filter on the website. The list option allows you to filter your favorite anime according to different filters like –

 Watch Anime On Animedao
  • Genre
  • Rating
  • Letter
  • Score
  • Order and more.

The Genre section lists different types of anime genres you can stream from. For example, You can choose from Genres like Romance, comedy, adventure, action, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Here are some popular questions and answers that you might find useful.

1. Does Animedao Cost Money?

Ans: AnimeDao is not the best when it comes to flawless anime streaming services. However, it offers free anime streaming to people from different locations in the world.

2. What Is The Most Trusted Anime Site?

Ans: If you are looking for the most trusted anime websites, then you can take a look at the anime websites listed below –
2. Amazon Anime.
3. Funimation.
4. AnimeFreak.
7. AnimeDao.
8. Chia-Anime.
9. AnimeDao.

3. Is Kissanime Gone?

Ans: No, Kissanime is not gone. The Kissanime app might be gone. However, the website still remains intact. It was a sister website to the Platform named KissManga. It is still one of the largest anime websites in the world.

Bottom Line

When it comes to streaming anime for free, Animedao is one of the most trusted websites you can choose from. Almost no free websites for anime are safe. However, if you want to watch anime for free, then you have to compromise somewhere. You can watch anime without any worry once you have an antivirus to protect your website and a VPN from masking your IP address.

I hope that this article was helpful. However, if you have any additional queries, you can leave them in the comment section.

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