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Things to Consider When Booking a Car Transport Company

A car transport service is a great option to use to help move your car from one location to the next. Being prepared with the best company to do this job will help save you money and hassle while keeping your car as safe as possible.

When shopping around for the right car transport company, you want to make sure you get the right one for your needs. Discover the essential factors to consider when booking a car transport company and ensure a reliable and stress-free experience by choosing the best auto transport company known for its exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

Some of the things to consider when you are ready to book a car transport company include:

The Type of Service

Before you start your shopping, it is important to know the type of service that you are in search of. if you plan to go overseas, for example, then you need to work with a boat shipping service, for example.

It is important to consider the elements that the transport company will need to face when taking your car from one location to another. You could consider things like open carriers or an enclosed trailer transport if you want more protection for the car, but they do come at a higher cost.

Another thing to consider is whether you would like a bottom rack or top rack transport for the car. This just determines the position for your car during the transport and can decide how much you pay and how much protection the car will get.

How Much They Cost

How Much They Cost

Always take a closer look at the cost of a transport company. This is going to be dependent on the company you use, the distance you would like the car shipping, and sometimes even the timing of the trip.

While it is pretty hard to reduce the miles that the transport will take, you can get ahead of the shipping dates to make this easier. Booking the transport at the last minute can make the cost higher and can make it harder to get the car to the right location.

If there is some flexibility in your dates, this can save you a lot of money too. This allows you to change the timing around and possibly get it for a lower cost just by moving it a few days.

Insurance Options

You need to talk with the transport company to see what kinds of insurance options are available with them. Since shipping a car will require you to have a different type of insurance compared to the general use of the car, it may be a good idea to save some headaches and use the coverage through the company.

These will cost you a little bit extra while transporting the car but can keep the vehicle safe on the road and saves you the headache of calling your own insurance company. If there is an accident or damage done to the care during moving, the insurance will cover it.

The Documentation

The Documentation

Before you can get your car loaded up with a transport company, you will need to provide them with the applicable registration to make sure you are the owner of the car. You may need to show a variety of documentation like the original title papers, the bill of sale, and registration that is not expired.

It is a good idea to gather up these papers ahead of time. It can seem inconvenient, but it helps the transport company be safe while ensuring that not stolen or unauthorized vehicles are shipped across the company.

To make sure that you are prepared and have all the documents that you need, you can call ahead of time and see. Make sure that you have all of that paperwork ready to go and you have a photo ID as well.

Getting Things Prepared

Getting Things Prepared

You know what steps you need to take to pack a home, but it can be a little more confusing to know what steps to take before you ship a car. It is a good idea to reduce the chances of surprises and damage on the trip by getting the car as prepared as possible.

This means that it is time to clean the inside of the car and the outside as well. Look all around the car to ensure there is no damage, taking notes of what is already there. This way, if damage happens while the car is transported, you are able to see it and report it to the company. Cleaning out the car prevents unsecured items from moving and getting broken.

When the car is clean, it is time to disable any of the movement alarms, fold up the side mirrors as much as possible, and lock up the car. Since the transport company will move the car to your location, you do not need to fill the tank up fully. Having it at ¼ tank of gas during transport can help reduce the weight during shipping as well as reduce the risks.

How Long Shipping Takes

The timeline for getting your car to the new location may not be the same as the flight schedule. It is possible for longer trips to take a few extra days because there are many drop-off locations and the route is longer.

If there is a specific date that you need the car by, you need to let the transport company know that ahead of time. They can let you know whether this is possible or not. Be prepared for this expedited trip to impact how much you spend on the transport, but it can help you get your car to the new location faster.

Always take the shipping timelines into consideration. It may make a difference in which transport company you choose.

Transporting Your Car

Transporting Your Car

When it is time to move long-distance, it is important to find the right car transport service to help make life easier. If you are ready to get moving and want to get your car safely from point A to point B, then it is time to consider the top concerns above to make this easier.

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