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A Well-Kept Secret That’s No Longer A Secret – Businesses, Celebs And Influencers Are Buying Their Instagram Followers

It’s getting harder to build a solid social media presence on Instagram, significantly as the social media platform is scaling new heights.  With more than 1 billion monthly users, the competition is stiffer than ever.

Businesses, celebrities, and Influencers are all fighting to get their posts and stories seen by the right target audience, and the tactics that were so successful a few years ago have become more and more irrelevant to get Instagram followers.

Why Are Celebrities Preferring Buying Instagram Followers?

Even the most finely-tuned social media strategies are starting to display cracks, and big brands and notable celebrity personalities are beginning to notice their following growing at a much slower rate than they’ve experienced before.  

The issue is that  Instagram followers are showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s getting bigger than ever.  Seven out of ten businesses use Instagram, and when you’re competing for the top slot, your social media strategy needs to diversify.

1. Using New Technology To Grow Your Instagram Presence

Using New Technology To Grow Your Instagram Presence

One of the best-kept secrets is new, technology-based Instagram marketing companies that only deal with Instagram followers, likes, and views.  

These types of companies are using incredible state-of-the-art technology to pinpoint the right Instagram users for businesses, celebrities, and Influencers.  Before you shake your head thinking it’s just those so-called “companies” supplying bots, inactive accounts, and spam accounts – read on.

2. Targeted Market Research

The businesses are clever.  They use tactics and technology to build up specialist databases consisting of millions of Instagram users, all placed into different categories.  So, when a business (celebrity or Influencer) approaches one to request followers, likes, or views, they’ll receive a carefully tailored set of Instagram users designed to match with the business or brand in question.  Does it sound too good to be true?  

Yes and no.  The system works because it employs quality strategies involving targeted market research.  The businesses we’ve spoken to won’t give too much away because technology is a closely guarded secret.

Still, that technology involves demographic information that goes further than just age, gender, and location.  It includes habits, behavior, social media presence, salary, job title, likes, dislikes, and more. 

There are very few Internet marketing companies that really do tailor Instagram followers to the right accounts.  While you’re essentially buying Instagram followers, you’re buying real followers who have their own decent following and will almost definitely engage with your posts because they’re a perfect match.

3. No Instagram Violations!

No Instagram Violations

What about how Instagram deals with Instagram followers buying options?  In the past, Instagram prohibits buying followers because so many are bots, spam, or inactive accounts, and it sees these as a violation of its community guidelines.  Users that purchase followers from unreputable businesses face the risk of account suspension, even deletion. 

However, as the few that we spoke about only collect authentic users on their vast databases, there’s no violation involved.  That’s why so many businesses of all sizes, celebrities, and Influencers use tapping in.

They know they’re getting the quality they’re looking for, and they’re staving off the competition.  Whenever the competition creeps closer, they simply reach out to one of these companies and stay ahead of the game.

Yes, there are lots of ways to increase engagement and grow your presence on Instagram. According to BM Magazine and CHRON you need hashtags, scheduled posts, and to investigate your competition but buying followers is a quick win, as long as it’s done properly.  

4. Cost-Efficient Social Media Marketing

If you’re creating your social media marketing strategy, you should consider adding buying Instagram followers to your list of activities.  As well as gaining the right audience, you’ll also save money on other promotional activities because it’s incredibly cost-efficient so that you can channel your marketing elsewhere.  

The fact is if you do not include it as part of your strategy, you’re losing out to your competitors.  As an Influencer, it’s vital because influencing is big business, and the top 50 Influencers have a combined following of more than 7 billion users.  

To up your game, you need to increase your following. Why wait for it to grow when there are Instagram users out there on these databases who want to see your content and will engage with it? If you don’t do it, another Influencer will.


It’s exciting news, and as there are very few companies offering a genuine service, they have a prominent corner of the market thanks to their technology.  As for safety and reliability, there’s no spam involved and certainly no dreaded bots!  While Instagram is evolving, the methods to gain more Instagram followers are also changing.

Using market research to uncover new followers is one of the most profitable ways of increasing outreach and monetizing your Instagram account.

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