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Spend Lots Of Hours On Facebook? Convert It Into Cash

If you spend lots of hours on Facebook, you may be sitting on a goldmine, and you can convert it into cash. Don’t just socialize and get entertained. And you only realize that “sacrifice means spending less time on entertainment and more time on improving your life and family.” In truth, I’m talking about the hours you spend on likes, reading posts, replying, and commenting, watching videos, and chatting.

Fathom this: About half of the world’s population is on social media. Specifically, over 2 billion people are active Facebook users. What a large market Facebook can turn out to be if you decide to convert all the hours you spend there into cash.

Indeed, you need to think like a business person, and everything will fall into place. Better still, you can do it with little or no investment.

Page Thumbnails

Page Thumbnails

Of note, one requirement to help make your page outstanding and make a lot of money is a thumbnail for your Facebook page, website, or YouTube. Thumbnails help you grab attention and attract many visitors to your page.

So, with eye-catching thumbnails, you get more page views. Additionally, more people read view, and listen to your content. Fortunately, if you are new to graphic design and you can’t design thumbnails, then the Thumbnail Blaster program is the way to go.

And it saves you the money you would use on hiring graphic designers to make thumbnails for you. Specifically, the program will create stunning thumbnails for you to put you on top of the pack.

Effectively, you will use the time saved to write more and better content for your page. But, you must read the Thumbnail Blaster program review to decide if it’s right for you, though we think it’s a great program.

So, do you spend lots of hours on Facebook? Convert it into cash. And here are some of the best ways to convert your hours spent on Facebook into cash.

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1. Monetize Your Facebook page

To begin with, create your Facebook page in under 10 minutes. Then, write interesting and valuable content to attract followers, viewers, and likes. Above all, exhaust the 5000 friends limit, and respond or comment on their pages as much as possible.

And make sure to share any valuable content you create with your followers. Eventually, it will make them addicted to your content. Plus, people will follow killer content without being asked to do it.

Ask your friends to like your page and direct them to your website if you have one. However, be patient as you build your page since it takes time and hard work to reach the point of monetizing.

Firstly, when your page has many followers and likes, you can let people pay you for sponsored likes and shares to your followers. Secondly, you can charge people to post links to their videos or posts on your page with many customers.

You can make your social media account a profit-generating business by publishing appealing photos and videos. When monetizing your social media page, make sure that you have high-quality pictures to attract broader audiences, interested investors, and influencers. A Facebook photo editor like this can help you in editing your pictures to make them influencer marketing worthy.

In the end, if you don’t wish to continue with your well followed Facebook page, you can sell the page to the highest bidder. Indeed, many people earn a lot of money by creating, growing, and selling their optimized pages.

2. Generate Traffic To Your Website

Another best way is to write an interesting article and post it on your page with a link to your blog. Then, request your followers to click it to get to your website. When your followers visit your web blog page, you get paid.

Moreover, if the post gets many likes on your Facebook page, then you can use it as a paid ad to drive more traffic to your website. This way, you won’t pay for an ad to promote a post that doesn’t convert at all. To add a post, go to the place written “what’s in your mind” and write your content.

But of course, your content should be unique, engaging, and interesting. There are plenty of interesting things you can post on your social media to attract more site visitors. You can talk about emerging topics, such as the latest fashion trends, lucky forecast for the new year, or some helpful do-it-yourself projects and tutorials. You can share how to cook your favourite homemade recipes or create crafts.

Moreover, you can add an image, audio, or a video about the product you are writing on. Then, post it to your many friends and start to sell. And since you only share posts with your friends, you can request your friends to share the content with their other friends, too. That way, you widen your following and increase traffic.

3. Join And Sell Products In Local Groups

If you spend lots of hours on Facebook, you have seen many people sell and buy goods in many groups. Here, you can post and sell cars, land, techies, and many other types of goods. Just look for the relevant group, and post your item in it. E.g., a group for cars, another for laptops, and so on.

You can start selling products with your first contacts or immediate friends on social media. When you find your product appealing, offer them to different business groups online. However, there are things you need to consider before doing so, such as advertising and posting rules.

Fortunately, you can choose to post your ad to other similar groups at once before you post. To find the buy and sell groups, search for “buy and sell groups.” Then, click on the appropriate group. Or, you can search for a particular group’s name if you know its name. But, make sure you read the group’s terms and conditions before you post your ad.

4. Sell Anything On Facebook Marketplace

Still, you can sell almost any legit good or service on the Facebook marketplace. And the Facebook marketplace is free. Equally important, you and everyone use their profile, so it’s less open to spam. To widen the customer base, you can ask friends to share your items.

But, make sure you meet buyers or sellers in a safe public place to avoid con people. If you need to ship the item, find a reliable dropshipping agent who uses services like escrow accounts. Here, one releases the product only after seeing money in the escrow account and vice versa.

Many people and companies also offer services on social media, including freelance writing services, hairdressing home services, plumbing, electrical services, and more. Indeed, social media is a trending marketplace where people can meet, engage, and do business at the same time.

5. Start Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing involves you promoting other people’s products on your business page. In short, if one clicks on the link, he gets diverted to the vendor, and you get an agreed commission if your follower buys.

And you can earn up to 50% commission in some cases. You can join affiliate programs through marketplaces like Amazon Associates and Click bank.

6. Run Facebook Ads For Your Business Or Other People

More still, if you create a page for your business, you can run ads to earn more and build your business. And the ads are seen by a multitude of Facebook users. Therefore, you can get a lot of cash. However, it’s quite engaging to run a business page and place ads if you aren’t a fan of technology.

Otherwise, if you don’t have a business, you can post ads for other business owners at a fee. Furthermore, you can even start an agency business to serve as a consultant for other business owners. To do ads, click the “boost post” button, and you will go to the ad creator tool.

Here, create your ad, and share it with your friends and followers. Better still, you can segment the people to see the ad by age, interests, class, or gender. Plus, you can monitor the reach and views to calculate your cost-per-click.

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If you spend many hours on Facebook as a form of entertainment and socialization, maybe it’s time you convert it to cash. In essence, there are many ways to do it. But earning depends on hard work, what you sell, your followers, patience, and aggressiveness. Fortunately, you can earn cash without investment, except for your time.

But, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme because it takes time. Still, if you offer services like placing ads for others, selling products, affiliate marketing, or working as a full-time virtual assistant, then you can earn money fast. Otherwise, like one Einstein said, Once you have learned the rules of the game. And then you can play better than anyone else.”

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