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Some Valuable Tips On How To Choose The Best Mixer


The cryptocurrency industry is profitable, but it is associated with enormous risks – violation of the privacy and security of cryptocurrency payments. Most owners prefer to keep the size of their virtual capital secret, as many cybernetic attackers are trying to break into digital coin vaults to steal. For maximum protection against such risks, there is a Bitcoin mixer that excludes the possibility of this.

Undeniable Advantages Of Using Crypto Mixers

Below, we will look at the main benefits that make mixing so popular. The main advantage is the provision of anonymity. Having carried out a transaction using mixing, it is impossible to trace the source of digital coins (the address of the crypto storage), which means that the participants in the transaction will remain unknown.

Reliability will be another significant advantage – popular and rated mixing platforms, as a rule, provide high service reliability.

Many mixing services offer their services at an affordable price. It can be a set cost or a commission based on the number of virtual coins processed.

As a rule, such platforms have software with different mixing methods. In addition, there is a constant updating and improvement of their work.

Cryptomixers are very simple to use; following a few steps to perform mixing is enough. In addition, reliable and popular platforms always provide detailed user instructions.

It will be acceptable to find a critical mixer since many of them are on the Internet. The main thing is to carefully approach the choice of platform and use only proven by many users (such as MixBTC).

Cryptomixers have many convenient settings for mixing. For example, you can postpone a transaction. It will make tracking it much more difficult. You can also repeat mixing and so on.

How To Choose A Suitable Cryptocurrency Mixer?

Suitable Cryptocurrency Mixer

Mixer selection is essential to successful and reliable mixing. There are many fraudulent platforms, so you should carefully select this service.

1. Service Rating

When choosing, be sure to take into account the rating of the platform, thanks to which you can find out how popular it is, how long it has been providing virtual currency mixing services, how often it is used, and what reviews and comments users leave after the provided mixing service.

2. Ensuring Complete User Privacy

Each owner of digital coins prefers that his identity be hidden, and it is impossible to trace the address of his cryptocurrency wallet using personal data.

3. Openness

It is essential to be confident in the honesty of the provision of services. This platform should contain all information about the operation and what actions must be taken to perform mixing (availability of user instructions).

4. The Size Of The Cryptocurrency Reserve

The reserve must be large so that it is possible to mix the required number of digital coins at a time. Otherwise, you must combine your coins in parts several times.

5. High Security

Cryptomixer must have a high level of security and reliability:

  • mandatory use of encryption protocols;
  • availability of protection against cyber attacks;
  • The crypto mixer should have several technologies for obfuscating the history of the origin of coins.

The more secure the cryptocurrency mixer is, the more reliable the service is. Users need to be sure that the coins placed for mixing will return safe and sound.

6. User Support

Customer service is vital as users may have various questions or technical problems. It is only sometimes possible to find answers to all questions on the posted instructions on the platform.

7. The Cost Of The Service Provided

Pay attention to the prices for providing the mixing service. Focus on average price limits and payment terms. Too cheap can be unreliable. After all, a high-quality platform should receive decent payment for reliable services. And if it is costly, then this platform could be better – you need to consider the whole range of characteristics.

If you consider all of the above parameters when choosing a cryptocurrency mixer, there is a high probability of a successful choice.

Types Of Crypto Mixers

There are three main types of cryptocurrency mixers, which we will list below.

Centralized. It is the original generation of Bitcoin mixers and needs to be more popular. The client places coins in the mixer and pays for the service, and a virtual currency from another client comes to the specified address for the same amount. The more in the system participants and invested coins, the greater the privacy.

Peer-to-peer platforms. They can exchange coins without the participation of intermediaries. The degree of influence of malefactors, in this case, is minimal. Thanks to particular protocols, combining several transactions into one common one is possible. The complication of mixing is achieved by repeated repetition of this operation.

Cryptomixers on smart contracts. They are non-custodial. The principle of their work is as follows: the client deposits funds to the mixer and receives a cryptographic record confirming that he has deposited funds. Then, from another address, the user can send a transaction to the mixer using this record to withdraw coins to a new address.

It is possible to postpone the receipt of coins for some time convenient for you. This method parallels relays that provide coins for payment (commission) for the withdrawal transaction. Thus, it is guaranteed that a hundred clients will withdraw already with the cryptocurrency’s processed history.

Always approach the choice of a mixer with special care, considering all its technical capabilities and the degree of reliability and safety.

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