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5 Mistakes You Should Not Make When Designing Your Brand Logo

Brand Logo
Creating the perfect logo for your brand identity might be more difficult than you might think. It requires a lot of patience, apart from investments and resources. However, logo design in Vancouver is the best place to design your own logo as they are uniform in highlighting the importance of a logo for commercial success.

According to some estimates, in one single day, an average human being is exposed to more than 5000 logos! Every business is using its .logos to spread its word. The challenge then is, how do you differentiate your brand logo from a sea of logos all around us?

In this article, we are going to talk about five common mistakes brands make when designing logos. It is important for you to avoid these mistakes in order to reach a step closer to the perfect business logo.

List of 5 Mistakes you should make when Designing your Brand Logo:

Brand Logo

1. Busy Designs and Font Selection-

A good business logo needs to be simple, and easy to understand. This means that you do not need to have too many design elements or multiple fonts in one single logo. This dilutes the recall factor of the logo and makes it disappear in a sea of other logos.

According to turbologo, a brand logo should have no more than three colors and one single font. This is backed by scientific evidence, which states how the human mind processes logos. The simpler the logo, the easier the interpretation by the mind.

2. Making your Logo similar to your Competitor-

While it is a good idea to do your research and see the competitor references in your niche, getting ‘too inspired; is never a good thing. This will make your brand appear as the B-Team of the competitor brand.

Many brands feel that making the logo similar might confuse audiences and improve sales. This is a nefarious practice, which needs to be avoided as it can not only attract lawsuits but also kill your credibility as a brand.

3. Avoid cashing in on ‘Trends’-

We live in the age of social media and trending hashtags. However, while this might help your creative social media team, it should not be followed when designing a logo. A logo needs to be timeless and steer clear of being trendy or in fashion.

You need to remember that what comes in trend and goes out of trend. If you are investing in a logo, you do not want it to be a one-season phenomenon. It can dilute your brand significance and make your brand appear gimmicky and cheap.

4. Designing the Logo In-house-

You cannot expect your amateur design team to design a competent and effective logo. It is a task best left to experts and professional logo designers. For this reason, has developed AI tools to create creative, memorable logo designs for your business that will help it stand out and grow. They can show you many examples of logo, which they have created.

There is a lot of thought, meaning, and resources, which go into making the finest logo. Companies spend millions of dollars and months’ worth of work to come up with a logo, which will carry the weight of the company on its small vector shoulders.

5. Putting too many elements in one logo-

There are three things or information, which businesses generally want to convey through their logo- name of the business, the product/service, and where they are located. For an expert designer, this might come easy, but for an amateur, it is impossible.

As a best practice, brands should try to include one, or at best two elements in their logo. This helps in making the logo simpler, convenient, and identifiable. The smaller the number of elements and meaning, the better the recall factor.

The Final Word

We know how the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco inspired the McDonald logo. Big brands who have made it in the world have invested in their logos and created brand symbols, which by themselves are worth billions. By following the points in the list and avoiding the five mistakes, you can reach one step closer to creating the best logo for your brand.

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