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Perfect Introduction To Nine Types Of Essay And Their Examples

Types Of Essay

In an effort to earn a decent mark, you may know exactly how you’ll approach your essay assignment, from your study to providing fascinating facts and figures and even including some charts.

However, a lot of students are unsure of how to construct an essay introduction. So, they resort to working with an essay writer service. The introduction of an essay is very important if you want people to read it and, more importantly, if you want to get a good grade.

Your efforts may be in vain if you don’t have a solid start. Therefore, rather than putting it all at risk, we’ve included a guide to help you get started. Your confidence in your writing will increase as a result of our expert advice.

Continue reading to learn these essay-starting tips.

✍Examples Of How To Start An Essay:

This fundamental structure can be used for any academic essay. We’ll provide you with some examples of introductory sentences for a variety of common homework assignments in the paragraphs that follow.

Put yourself in the position of the reader by utilizing our essay writing advice. Your target audience will be interested in your work if you start off with some useful information or a quotation that respects their time.

Let’s examine some examples of lead-ins for typical writing.

1. Argumentative essay

In an argumentative essay, you must persuade the reader that you are correct on a controversial essay topic. These papers may contain information on political issues such as Roe v. Wade or your position on gun control. In an analytical essay, they may cover complex material like testing mechanisms.


They claim that a person’s blink rate reveals how honest they are. However, research demonstrates that women blink twice as frequently as males. Does that imply that men are more trustworthy than women?

2. Opinion essay

An opinion essay is exactly what it sounds like—a viewpoint on a certain subject. Frequently, these issues lack a clear resolution and might be argued either way. Finding an endless supply of points to include in the report will allow you to enjoy these themes. Just make sure to back up your claims with evidence so you don’t get a low grade.


Marijuana legalization results in better college students. Learn how this well-known herb affects students’ ability to concentrate on their homework.

3. Persuasive essay

There are many doubters in the world, so what better approach to convince them of the truth than to present them with compelling evidence that supports a certain theory? These essays will provide vital knowledge for enhancing your emotional intelligence.

The greatest way to appeal to your audience’s reasoning processes is to assess your audience, especially if you need to know how to start an analysis essay. In this instance, we’ll start an essay with a query to convince the reader that we should advocate for a clean environment.


What would you do if you discovered that the planet had only ten years left before climate change became irreversible?

4. An essay about oneself

Essay writing about oneself is never simple. You could feel a little embarrassed or awkward discussing your private life with others. Additionally, it can be challenging to convey your personal experiences objectively and without sounding conceited.

However, these chores are quite frequent, especially while looking for a job or starting college (see application essay below). Make sure to sound fascinating without appearing egotistical as well. One suggestion is to shift the conversation to how someone else influenced you. Here, we’ll show you how to begin an essay with a quote and how to write about yourself.


The wise words of Ben Franklin, “A penny saved is a penny gained,” enabled me to achieve my educational aspirations.

5. Expository essay

Expository essay

The goal of an expository essay is to provide additional explanations on a specific topic. This can be a follow-up on another’s work that wasn’t as clear or comments on a case study research project. When writing these papers, you should be sure to identify any potential questions readers may have and then quickly address them. This could be a good example of how to start an essay for this assignment:


Have you given flat-earth society any thought? What if there was science behind this group’s claims, which have frequently been mocked?

Remember that you can order essay assignments for different types of essay from a reputable essay writing service that ensure quality and top grades.

6. Compare and contrast the essay.

This is a common assignment in academia when you have to compare two subjects and explain how they vary or are similar. These essays demonstrate a student’s capacity for data analysis and in-depth investigation prior to drawing conclusions.

Therefore, if you’re unsure of how to begin a compare and contrast essay, being somewhat contentious at the outset could be helpful. In our example, we might start with a common disagreement that happens all the time.


Which smartphone is more useful, android vs. iPhone, a debate that is as old as technology itself?

7. Essay for a scholarship

We are all aware of the financial strains that college tuition causes. In fact, failing to do well in school might ruin a student since they might not get a good career when they graduate. A word of advice: if your grades are in danger, use the assistance of custom essay writing services to save your future investment.

Applying for scholarships is another wise choice to save money. These one-page essays can cover a wide range of subjects. To convince the sponsor to support your accomplishment, you must show that you will excel in college. is popular for writing acceptable scholarship essays that will impress any sponsor.


“The most effective tool you have to alter the world is education,” Nelson Mandela’s quotes show that having a goal and reaching your full potential is more important than studying texts and theories.

8. Application essay

Universities incorporate an essay as part of the application materials to not only determine your writing ability but also to learn more about you. This frequently takes the shape of a personal statement and usually manifests itself as an English essay. Here, you want to emphasize that you are prepared for further study and that you will work hard to make the world a better place. A solid lead-in is essential because it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.


“The pen is mightier than the sword,” Shakespeare said, and students who get a good education can reach their full potential and change the world.

9. Informal essay

Informal essay

Many students make the mistake of not taking things seriously enough, which is a common error. In fact, when your teacher suggests some sample essay themes, you might begin to giggle. This assignment is meant to be enjoyable and provide pupils with a chance to express their creativity. But exercise creativity in a wise way. Make sure to provide evidence and logic; avoid simply writing down phrases for effect.


Have you thought about the three buddies you would have by your side if the world was about to end in a zombie apocalypse?

A good essay’s opening paragraph combines zeal and enthusiasm. It’s crucial to have a comfortable workspace if you want to do high-quality work. When you begin to write, be in a calm state of mind.

If you have anything on your mind, find a way to focus. You might discover success when relaxing on the couch or while listening to particular music. Additionally, pause occasionally while writing. You’ll be able to organize your thoughts and consider anything you might have overlooked.

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