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How Technology Affects Academic Writing Skills

Writing Skills

With progressively lesser negative impacts, technology these days is significantly more profound than it was some few decades ago. It permeates into every aspect of our existence. You need only take a cursory look at your surroundings to understand the influence of your outstanding writing skills.

The tech industry has greatly revolutionized the way we teach and learn. From mobile calculators to AI-backed math solvers, digital thesauruses, urban dictionaries, proofreaders, and plagiarism detection systems, it’s unlikely educationists won’t encounter tech in their day-to-day operations.

6 Technology Use For Better Academic Writing Skills:

To be specific, regarding essay writing, students can now churn out better write-ups in shorter periods courtesy of better tech products and improved techniques.

Here are six easy ways to improve your academic writing skills.

1. Better Research

writing process

In the dark ages of information scarcity, a typical student would have had to bank on physical texts to complete assignments or do any form of research. Often, the chosen text tends to be inadequate for its intended use and has to be supplemented with others.

This essentially renders the whole writing process messy and time-wasting, not to mention that the appropriate books were often in short supply.

However, research is significantly less difficult, thanks to recently emerged online applications based on technological advancements.

Nowadays, in as little as a fraction of the period it previously would have taken a student relying on archaic texts, modern learners can get to churn better-written write-ups.

2. Save Time, Write More

best writing apps

Progress in technology has ensured that more educational tasks can be achieved within lesser periods and with lesser skill levels necessary.

These days, a typical learner could sit and plug away at their computers or use instead some of the best writing apps college students love in search of relevant research materials.

This sharply contrasts with previous decades learners sometimes had to set out on cross-country trips to obtain research samples and materials.

As opposed to getting it done themselves, students can equally choose to outsource their writing needs to online professional agencies as they’ve got the requisite skills and are significantly faster.

In place of needing weeks or even a month to complete one essay, they can always get more than an essay completed and have more time to spare on their studies and other pressing tasks.

3. More Writing Service Providers

Writing Service

The internet has essentially increased accessibility to not only research materials but also third-party professional agencies. Students could choose to complete their write-ups independently or instead indulge in the luxury of outsourcing their affairs to third-party online writing services.

Writing agencies typically engage experienced professionals with advanced degrees in their respective fields.

You need not disturb yourself too much if you are not especially interested in improving your writing skills and knowledge. Especially if you major in a technical field with no assurances of ever needing to write again once you start working.

Sooner or later, you’ll find that a lot of the foremost firms will deliver you work devoid of plagiarism and guaranteed to net you an A grade.

Upon receipt of your paper, you could choose to carry out further independent reviews, which would make you an overall better writer.

4. Better Sentence Structure

Improve writing skill

Whether creative, academic, or informal, write-ups are rarely perfect, even with some manual proofreading and editing. “Way before writing tools such as digital grammar checkers like Grammarly transformed the industry, writers had to sweep for errors manually with the proper writing skills. As you would expect, this approach only worked for articles of short forms, with long-form content never totally free of the occasional errant comma and the improperly capitalized letter.” — Aaron Horn, the popular writer at PapersOwl commented.

Tech in this regard has made writing skills significantly hassle-free. Having your article proofread for errors is as easy as uploading your write-up to web-based digital tools and parsing it for errors.

5. Plagiarism-Free College Paper

Plagiarism-Free Essays

Early adopters of tech in education tend to produce write-ups and research papers that have been plagiarized to some extent. Many research items these days are still plagiarized to a degree.

Nowadays, however, all thanks to free and premium plagiarism checkers like Copyscape and 1 Text, the incidences have been much reduced as they can be caught quite easily with proper writing skills.

6. Best Formats & Citations

writing process

Different Universities and colleges typically have their preferred citation styles and formats. These formats – MLA, APA, Chicago style – usually take a while to get used to and can contribute to the overhead most majors have to face in getting their write-ups off the ground.

Professionals who work with agencies typically have a wide range of experience dealing with such.

However, should a learner prefer to rough it out, there are a notable set of web-based tools learners can bank on to ensure they stick along with all citation format guidelines.

A notable number of these apps are premium. However, there are also free versions here and there. You can use these to improve your writing skills.

Final Thoughts

Technology is slowly transforming our lives, that’s for sure. Technology is virtually indispensable to everyday processes, from quicker communication systems and the advent of social media to improved ease of learning.

The ways in which technology has affected writing skills, in particular, can not be overstated. From allowing for an easier way into educational materials to aiding in reducing the overall incidences of grammatically unbalanced articles, students can now produce high-quality tasks in shorter intervals than observable some decades ago.

However, while it has so many positive effects, students mustn’t overindulge in its unsavory and negative sides.

For instance, plagiarized works have been on a notable rise due to improved access to research outputs, and more students continually bank on tech to cheat in exams. These are all against the tenets of education and should be shunned at all costs.

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