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5 Benefits Of Using Online Grammar Checkers

These days, it is hard to find an individual who does not produce written content, be it a student, an editor, a blogger, a teacher, a marketer, or another working professional.

For example, concise documents, which provide clear instructions that cannot be misinterpreted, are a must in business communication and transactions. In turn, a blogger who produces a lengthy article must make sure it is free from mistakes and errors before publishing their work.

Since the amount of written content has increased dramatically, so has the need for good writing skills. However, not all of us have a degree in the English language, so scanning our written texts for all sorts of English grammar mistakes becomes a daunting and challenging task.

Coupled with a myriad of other duties and responsibilities we have in our day-to-day lives, the editorial and proofing process often suffers the most. Still, making your writing grammatically correct and error-free is essential when it is read by someone else. If your text has grammatical errors, typos, or stylistic inconsistencies, the reader can think of you as an unprofessional, inattentive, or even lazy person.

Luckily, mankind has invented the online grammar checker, a piece of software that enables you to find and put right any grammatical and stylist errors in your writing, making it as smooth as butter. More importantly, using an online grammar checker can improve your writing skills, so you could avoid previously made mistakes in the future.

5 Online Grammar Checkers Benefits

Although there are tons of various online grammar checkers, they all have similar functions and provide users with similar benefits. In this article, we summarise the top five benefits of using these instruments.

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1. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling correcting

The most obvious benefit of using an online grammar checker is that it checks all the grammar in your piece of written content properly and shows what mistakes have been made and how to correct these mistakes. Moreover, reputable grammar checkers available online can perform spelling checks and highlight all the different spelling mistakes in your document.

While social media users tend to underuse punctuation marks, the significance of punctuation in business communication or academic writing is hard to overestimate. If your writing is not correctly punctuated, the odds are that the reader will not understand the information or the idea you want them to understand. The use of online grammar checkers significantly increases the professional look of your written content, making it more digestible and attractive to the reader.

2. Saves you a lot of time on proofreading

By ‘outsourcing’ proofreading to an online grammar checker, you not only contribute to the quality of your content but can also become more effective and productive. For example, you could devote the time you would spend proofreading your work to some other important commitments, which is always a good thing.

Unlike human beings, computers do not make mistakes, such as the misuse of homophones, dangling modifiers, or incorrect verb tenses. By manually proofreading your content, you might miss certain mistakes or your eye might not catch a misspelled word, which is not possible when using online grammar assistants. Many reputable grammar checkers use artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve their capabilities, becoming more effective in detecting and correcting grammar mistakes and errors.

3. Makes your content more readable

Readability is key to the attractiveness of your written content to the reader. According to a recent study, most individuals are able to read a grade 9 text but still prefer to read content, which is at least 2 grades lower for leisure reading. That is why using sophisticated vocabulary and big words in your written content could be a bad idea unless you are a philosophy professor.

Even so, a top-rated online grammar checker can help you deal with this issue and increase the readability score of your text, so your audience could better understand your content. In addition to spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, online grammar assistants can make your text more concise and straightforward, as well as free from overly complicated words and terms.

4. Develops your writing skills

Another important benefit of using an online grammar assistant has improved writing skills. When the software finds a mistake, it clarifies why it marks this error and suggests how it could be rectified. In addition to syntax errors, common grammatical mistakes, and subject-verb incongruity, some grammar assistants can convert your sentences from passive voice to active voice and vice versa.

These built-in features can help you learn and make use of proper grammar in your text. Grammar checkers can also improve your contextual learning, contributing to your ability to learn more quickly and use your knowledge in different situations. Over time, you will learn from your mistakes and make your written content clearer and more concise.

5. Availability

On top of all the aforementioned benefits, many online grammar checkers, even the most reputable ones, have free tiers, making them available to virtually any user with a smartphone. Without the need to spend a single penny on this kind of software, you can get your written content checked for any errors whenever you want. Moreover, using online grammar assistants is easy and does not require any special expertise, which also adds to the availability and popularity of these instruments with a wide range of professionals, students, and entrepreneurs.

Technology is slowly making content writing more effective and online grammar checkers are also part of this trend. All the benefits outlined in this article clearly show why so many people from different fields and industries are using online grammar assistants to proofread their written content. At the same time, not all grammar checkers are perfect and free of flaws.

Before downloading a grammar checker on your phone or laptop, you should first check its authenticity. Unfortunately, many grammar checkers are unreliable, making them insufficient to accurately check a piece of writing for errors and mistakes. In this case, you will still need to proofread your work even after the grammar assistant has been used.



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