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Which 3 OOH Advertising Techniques Are Most Effective?

OOH Advertising

If you want to attract attention to your business, expand your audience and draw in new customers, Out Of Home (OOH) advertising is an effective way to do it.

Read on to find out which techniques will help you get the most out of OOH.

Top 3 Most Effective OOH Advertising Technologies 

OOH Advertising

1: Bold, Creative Designs

A unique or interesting advert grabs people’s attention. You can use a range of strategies to make your advert eye-catching, such as bright colors and images of your products, with key information (such as the name of your business) clearly visible.

You can also draw interest with the type of advert you use. For example, adverts at bus stops may be commonplace and therefore easy to just walk past, but a small advert on food packaging interacts directly with the customer and can make them feel like you’re advertising specifically to them, encouraging them to remember your business.

The placement of the advert is also important. A poster or sign for your business on a street where your products are sold can prompt people to head into the shops – especially if they were looking for something along those lines, to begin with. But they have to take notice of the advert for it to be effective, which is why a good design is essential.

If you’re not sure where, to begin with, OOH, help is available: with a range of benefits for new start-ups, a Clear Start product can set you on the right path.

You may check out our exclusive guide on Paid Search Advertising.

2: Humour

Humour is a great strategy when it comes to promoting your business. Funny adverts are more memorable than others and help to create a positive image of your brand. There is evidence that humor reduces stress and increases interest among audiences, so this is a good way to build a connection with potential customers.

If people enjoy your advert, they might even share it with friends, spreading awareness of your business via word-of-mouth. This could result in the advert going viral online, meaning even more people will see it – but, again, make sure the important information is visible among the jokes!

3: Know Your Audience

Knowledge of your target audience is the key to successful OOH advertising. You need to identify who they are and learn their interests to ensure your advert reaches them. If your target audience is composed of people who often travel by train, consider placing an advert in or just outside a train station.

Similarly, if you know your audience rarely shops on their local high street, there is no point putting an advert in the center of town.

This doesn’t mean you can’t place adverts in different areas to grow your audience, but make sure you understand any additional demographics you target.

If you want your advert to be seen by a wider group, you might try placing an advert along the side of a bus, so that it will reach new people everywhere the bus goes. But remember the first strategy on this list – you’ll need a striking design to capture people’s interest!

Overall, these are just 3 ways that OOH advertising techniques can be incredibly effective. With these things in mind, you can take the first steps toward a successful OOH campaign.



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