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Bringing The Oriental Touch To Your Wedding: Ideas You Must Explore

Bringing The Oriental Touch To Your Wedding

Traditional weddings are renowned for their rich and grandeur traditions. The couple embraces trending wedding ideas to make these celebrations even more memorable.

Thus, you can align your wedding with religious and cultural components by finding the perfect venue and arranging traditional cuisine.

Similarly, your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. So, add a dash of surprise and glamour to your special day that will help you make it sparkle.

In this article, you will discover innovative and creative ideas to bring an oriental touch to your wedding decor.

List Of Creative Wedding Decor Ideas 

If you are thinking of adding an oriental touch to your wedding, the options are endless. Here is a list of creative wedding decor ideas to add a modern twist to a traditional setting.

1. Decorate Aisle With Flowers

If you want to create a rustic look, use mismatched jars with dried and twined flowers with a hint of greenery.

Therefore, if you want a rustic look, use one color to decorate the aisle with seasonal blooms. For instance, you can use carnations and roses.

Thus, you can use wholesale flowers to decorate the aisle of the venue. To enhance the decor, add some greenery and baby’s breath if you prefer natural and white tones.

If you are thinking of adding an oriental touch to your wedding, the options are endless. Here is a list of creative wedding decor ideas to add a modern twist to a traditional setting.

Decorate Aisle With Flowers 

2. Select The Right Location 

For a minimum wedding, you can find a venue with a banquet and a backyard. This will be a perfect choice because you can set up any decor.

Therefore, for minimal wedding decor, you can select a refurbished space like a warehouse with exposed bricks, copper piping, and hardwood floors.

Hence, select a venue that will match the style and wedding theme.

3. Interactive Food Counters

Interactive Food Counters 

Food is an essential element of any traditional wedding. Thus, arranging interactive food stations can take the culinary experience to the next level.

Set up live food stations where guests can customize their dishes and experience live cooking. From live pasta stations to desserts, these interactive food stations will satisfy your guest and provide entertainment as they watch their favorite desserts being prepared.

Furthermore, you can delight the guests with various culinary involvement through multi-cuisine food stalls. It can be either a sushi counter or a street food station; each station can offer a distinct taste.

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4. Incorporate Vibrant Props

Incorporate Vibrant Props

The inclusion of red props might be too loud to pull off in bouquets, but you can always play with the streamers and bouquet sash.

Thus, you can add lanterns as they symbolize a good future. It can create a perfect frame when you walk down the aisle.

Similarly, you can allow natural lighting in your venue. If you are celebrating an outdoor wedding, offer lightness and airiness to a minimalist style.

5. Dress Up Small Details 

Incorporating custom cocktails, napkins, straws, and tablecloths is a simple way to personalize your weddings.

Thus, these small touches can go a long way. Moreover, you can consider serving white cocktails, napkins, and a blue design.

On the other hand, you can deck out a dinner table for a magnificent look. Place a few centerpieces or bouquets of blooms, a table runner, and candles to elevate the entire look of the table.

Furthermore, the addition of a themed menu is a perfect way to complete the entire decor.

6. Themed Photo Booth 

Photo booths have become an important part of any wedding decor. You can take it up a notch higher by including photo booths that reflect your cultural heritage and wedding theme.

Thus, you can design the booth with props, traditional elements, and backdrops representing your cultural roots.

Moreover, these photo booths will encourage the guests to strike poses and capture memorable moments.

7. Interactive Digital Guestbook

7. Interactive Digital Guestbook

You can replace the traditional guestbook with an interactive digital guestbook. Thus, you can set this up on a touchscreen device or tablet where guests can leave their personalized wishes or a notes.

Similarly, give them access to upload videos and photos from the wedding.

Therefore, this interactive guestbook will also allow you to share their heartfelt wishes engaging and modernly while creating memorable moments you would like to revisit.

Summing Up 

Thus, you can bring your dream wedding to life with our incredible tips. As you start planning your wedding journey, remember that each decision should reflect on your cultural and traditional heritage.

Therefore, we are sure that more than wedding planning, an eye for details, and a pinch of creativity are all you need to organize a wedding.

Whether you desire a modern fusion or a traditional wedding, these ideas will infuse your day with excitement.

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