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Is It Possible To Earn A Living As A Private English Tutor Abroad?

Private English Tutor

Despite the potential benefits, getting by on the salary earned from teaching English abroad is not always easy. Private tutoring is one way to supplement your income.

To work with students one-on-one and earn extra money, private tutoring is a great option. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of working as a private English tutor while teaching English abroad.

When Do You Need A Private English Tutor?

An individual who teaches English to students one-on-one outside of a formal classroom setting is known as a private English teacher or tutor. Private tutors may work with students of varying ages and abilities and often focus on a specific area of study, such as general conversation, standardized test prep, or business English.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Being A Private Tutor In A Foreign Country?

It is no secret that being a private teacher in a foreign nation and its demand is rising daily. The increasing trend is seen mainly in the countries in Europe that do not have a solid base in English. There are advantages of this growing market for teachers. 

But at the same time, there are also the disadvantages of them. Let us try to understand it here in the section. 

Travel Is Easy

When you work as an English teacher in a foreign country (for example, Spain), you can travel to countries adjacent to it, like France and Portugal, without any major issues. 

Getting Acquainted With New Cultures

If you work as an English tutor in a foreign country, you will come closest to the local culture, food habits, music, and architecture, which is bound to open its door to the world. You are going to be much better as a human. Reciprocation of cultural attributes also widens your thoughts and outlook. 

Make An Impact On Others’ Lives 

Teaching English to international students denotes making a lasting impact by providing the students with the experience. It also denotes you are preparing a non-english student to combat the challenges of this world, thereby making them more competitive. This spirit of doing good to others is undoubtedly great. 

Experience Personals Growth 

When you stay in a new environment and mingle with people for quite some time, the experience will help you personally. With reciprocating cultural values, you have a much better knowledge and understanding of the positives from that place. Ultimately, this learning will help you gain the experience, thats for sure. 

Learn New Languages

Cultural reciprocation is not a one-way pathway, but it is both. When you share your knowledge with a French, a German or a Chinese, you can also learn their culture and language a lot. Alongside the advantages, there are a few disadvantages of being a tutor in English in a foreign country.

Teaching Is Difficult 

English is not an easy language, especially for those who have yet to have any exposure to it before. You have to work much harder to teach them compared to teaching other subjects.

The Classes Will Be In Constant Instability 

You may initially get a lot of enthusiasm when teaching international students English. But things are going to be much more challenging in the coming days. You will observe the student will lack the same intensity and leave the classes. This may make it even more difficult as the classes will be constantly unstable. 

Diminishing Lifestyle

Yes, it is true that you can get a much better opportunity to earn handsomely. But you may have to compromise with a comparatively lower standard of living, which can be difficult for you to adjust to. 

Is It Possible To Earn A Living As A Private Tutor Of English Abroad?

Making money as a private tutor while teaching English abroad is a real possibility. Private tutoring is a great way to earn extra money and build relationships with students on an individual basis. However, before taking on a tutoring job, you should familiarize yourself with the local laws and cultural norms governing the profession. After that, you make sure you meet their requirements in terms of education and experience.

While teaching English in a foreign country, many people also take on private tutoring as a side gig. In many cases, teachers can make more money per hour outside of the classroom than they do inside it. In fact, if they can find enough students, English teachers in some countries will private tutor full-time. In some markets, private tutoring is even more common than public school teaching.

This is the situation for U.S. citizens in Barcelona, Spain, where most language schools hire only residents of the European Union (EU). The demand for private lessons is high, which is good news for Americans hoping to teach English in Barcelona because it means they can expect to make a decent living wage.

Why Should I Hire A Private English Tutor?

The benefits of working as a private English tutor include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. You may be able to supplement the salary you receive from a language institute by providing private lessons.
  2. Learn how to manage your time more effectively and decide on things more frequently.
  3. Participate in more casual exchanges and in-depth conversations with locals than would be possible in a traditional classroom setting.
  4. Do you want to develop your skills in a particular language? Find a local who is eager to improve their English and set up a “language exchange” with them. This is where you and your conversation partner switch languages in the middle of a meal or a cup of coffee. You’ll both be able to improve your language skills while also making new friends and gaining interesting knowledge about the languages and cultures of each other. (It’s not a good idea to plan on getting paid for language exchanges because you can’t be sure you will.)


English is the most spoken language in the world, and its demand in non-english speaking countries remains high. If you wish to teach English there, you will have both exposure and new opportunities. You will be able to learn a new language and culture and improve your adaptability skills. 

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