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Styling Tips For Plus Size Women: Embracing Your Curves With Confidence

style tips for plus size women

The fashion industry has experienced a significant transformation with plus-size clothing. This fashion line has become more accessible, inclusive, and body-positive.

Moreover, the global plus-size clothing market has been valued at $288 billion. This huge shift demonstrates the industry’s commitment to inclusivity and body positivity.

The move from stringent beauty standards to appreciating curves has undermined these conventions, allowing women to feel more confident in their bodies.

However, plus-size women frequently struggle to find clothing that flatters their bodies, emphasizing the need for a more inclusive and body-positive design industry.

Therefore, brands like Marina Rinaldi strive to build an inclusive fashion industry that supports and embraces plus sized bodies in all their beauty and grace. Their collection goes on, from plus size blouses for special occasions to regular formals!

This post will help you find the right style and the most flattering fashion options for plus-sized individuals. So, let us delve in and find out what fits you the best.

Understanding Your Body Shape

Understanding Your Body Shape

Understanding your body shape can help you find the most effective fashion options that suit you and highlight the best features of your body.

People come in various shapes and sizes, and genes predispose us to carry weight in different places. No “right” or “wrong” body shape or height exists.

So here are the three major body shapes most women have—


An hourglass body is round and curvy, with fuller hips, a well-defined waistline, a bust, and generous thighs.

For people with this body type, weight gain is not concentrated in one area like apple—or pear-shaped individuals. Therefore, it is difficult to spot without regular scale checks.

Women with this body type have beautiful, killer curves due to their similar bust and hip sizes.


Apple body shapes are characterized by a weight distribution around the stomach and abdominal area, with visceral, gel-like fat associated with this shape.

These bodies have larger shoulders and busts than hips, a poorly defined waist, shorter necks, narrow hips, and great legs.

They are often considered “top heavy,” with a larger top and smaller bottom.


For those with a pear body shape, their upper body is narrow while their lower body is fuller, resulting in full hips, heavy thighs, and a substantial bottom.

To highlight this shape, wear tops with off-the-shoulder, wide V or U necks, boat-neck tops, structured shoulders, princess or flutter sleeves, and jackets with full or structured shoulders and a nipped-in waist.

Moreover, people with this body shape must avoid tops beyond the hips. Instead, they can opt for cropped tops that finish at the waist or hipline. They can tuck their shirt into their bottoms to accentuate their curvy body shape.

Find Out Your Best Features

To feel confident and empowered, it’s important to understand your body shape by measuring your bust, waist, and hip sizes.

Moreover, to flatter your shape, you must wear a regular-size top with a plus bottom or vice versa and use accessories to draw attention to your best features. Matching your measurements to the retailer will help you find the best size option.

Therefore, choose clothing that fits well. It must accentuate your curves in the right places. Consequently, you must avoid baggy clothes that can make you look bigger.

A wrap dress can hug your curves and create a flattering silhouette while adding a belt can accentuate your waist and create an hourglass shape.

Choosing Flattering Silhouettes

Plus Size Women with Flattering Silhouettes

Finding clothes that flatter your figure and style is challenging for women, especially those with curves. Focus on the silhouette to create a wardrobe of plus-size garments that make you feel beautiful.

Therefore, you must shop for the perfect dress or jumpsuit by considering the four silhouettes: chic, trendy, and comfortable. This will help you create a new figure-flattering, chic, and stylish wardrobe.

A-Line Dresses And Skirts

The fitting bodice of the A-line dress hugs the upper body and tapers down at the waist, resulting in an A-shaped skirt that flares at the waist and creates the ideal hourglass figure.

This shape is attractive to various body types, including plus-size ladies.

It works especially well for ladies with a smaller chest, triangle shape, and big hips, but it may not be as flattering for those with a larger breast and slender hips.

High-Waisted Pants

Many plus-size women have embraced the trend of high-waisted pants, which can slim the waistline and elongate the frame.

Wide-leg high-waisted trousers are very attractive since they may assist in stretching the legs and provide the impression of a longer torso.

This style is emerging and is ideal for curvaceous women. A high-waisted pant with a loose or wide leg is one of the most attractive looks, and it may be tucked in or layered over the top.

It works better with thinner legs, although length, rise, and leg opening should all be addressed. This technique is also appropriate for apple shapes.

Wrap Dresses And Tops

Wrap dresses are a great option for plus-size women as they flatter the body with their V-neckline. This neckline highlights the waist shape and defines the natural waistline, creating a slimmer appearance.

Different styles of wrap dresses are available, such as maxi wrap dresses, midi wrap dresses, and flirty wrap dresses.

To make the dress office-appropriate, it can be paired with a cami top underneath while shoulder-skimming earrings and heels can complete the look for parties and weddings.

Wrap dresses can be dressed with colorful tights and chunky jewelry or leggings and boots.

Since their emergence in the 70s, wrap dresses have been a versatile and popular choice for many, including plus-size women.

Playing With Patterns And Colors

Playing With Patterns And Colors

For plus-size women looking to wear patterns and prints, choosing options proportional to their body size is important.

Smaller prints work well for petite people, while larger prints can be fun and varied for those with a larger frame.

Bold, vibrant colors can be flattering and help to stand out in a crowd. However, it’s best to avoid horizontal stripes and excessive patterns.

Darker colors like blue, purple, and brown can hide flaws and create a slimming illusion, while lighter colors like white and khaki can add pounds and give the illusion of a larger frame. Solid colors are a safer choice for appearing slimmer.

Regarding color combinations, stick to one to three complementary colors.

Experimenting with different textures, such as pairing black denim with a black leather jacket, can add interest to any outfit.

Embrace Confidence

Plus-size fashion provides clothing options and boosts one’s confidence by matching individual personalities and style preferences.

This sector empowers individuals to explore their style and create a wardrobe that reflects their unique tastes.

Moreover, it fosters body pride and self-esteem, emphasizing the importance of celebrating natural curves rather than hiding them.

Therefore, embracing one’s body with confidence can positively impact overall well-being, mental health, and relationships, promoting positivity and self-assurance.

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