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Are You Eligible to Apply for Unemployment Insurance after COVID-19?


A huge number of businesses are furloughed their employees. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the companies largely. Furloughs are temporary but there are many who are finding it difficult to get a pay-check so they are also looking for the unemployment benefits. 

Each of the states will manage their own unemployment insurance programs, but  Congress made things clear. Congress mentioned that employees on furlough without any doubt remain eligible for the unemployment benefit as long as their loss of work happened due to pandemic COVID-19. Congress has also added the $600 on a weekly basis till the end of the month of July. 

The lockdown all across the world seems unpredictable, no one is really sure of when is the situation going to get better. Furlough might feel like layoffs but there is barely anything that can be done now. Technically both ‘furlough’ and ‘layoff’ and mean same. But, however, due to some notion employers use the term furlough when they mean things to be temporary. 

There is no parameter that decides the benefits of the packages for the employee. No employer owes anything to the employees it is just the health benefit that they want.   

According to the recommendation of the Department of Labor, one can get in touch with the program of the state as soon as possible. It will take two-three weeks for you to get the first check pay after you apply for the same. 

Many factories all across the world have been shut down and the employers have been left unemployed, so for them, this process is open. On the other hand, the unemployment record has beaten the record of everything. More than 6.6 million have already filed for the unemployment benefits in America. This is the count of last week as of now the numbers may increase. 

Mashum Mollah

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