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5 Ways A DUI Offense Can Change Your Life Forever

5 Ways A DUI Offense Can Change Your Life Forever

DUI Offense

It is really easy to live with the thinking that you will never be charged with a DUI or Driving Under the Influence. But in actuality, your BAC or blood alcohol concentration of 0.8 is enough for charging you with a DUI in most states.

But as per Yorkville attorneys in some states, you also can be charged with a DWAI or driving while ability impaired in case your BAC is between 0.5 to 0.8. So, there is a chance of being charged with DUI or DWAI while you are driving back home after attending a party where you were drinking socially.

5 Ways A DUI Offense Can Change Your Life Forever:

Here are the five ways only a single Driving Under the Influence or DUI offense can change your entire life forever. You also can consult with the attorneys in Yorkville IL in case you are charged with one.

1. Civil Lawsuit-

In case someone else is injured as a result of your intoxicated driving, there is a high chance of facing a civil lawsuit along with some criminal charges. Whether you are charged with a criminal offense or a DUI case, both are mentally and emotionally challenging.

The result of the particular lawsuit can affect your entire life and also can be long-term. Apart from all these things, a civil lawsuit also can drain a huge amount of money and leave with nothing. You can select the best attorneys in Yorkville IL, for a better outcome.

2. Employment Prospects-

A single DUI charge also has the ability to put your professional reputation at risk. Many companies run background verification or also ask you to disclose any criminal convictions. This can not be necessarily arrested.

Both prospective and current employers may raise this issue. It also can put you at risk for your present job. For public sectors like government and military, jobs can be specifically challenging.

So, it is clear that getting and keeping a job will be really difficult here. In addition to that, a DUI charge will put restrictions on your driving ability. So, in case you have a job that requires driving, it will be problematic.

3. Car Insurance-

After a single DUI conviction, the rates of car insurance also get higher. On average, an increase of 80% is normal. On the basis of your insurer and in which state you live, the rate also can be much higher.

There are also some cases where there is a chance of your insurance getting canceled. If the scenario becomes this, you will really have a tough time finding a replacement. or can contact an attorney.

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4. Mental Health-

Most people do not consider one of the many ways that a DUI charge can change your life is that your mental health. There is no doubt that criminal charges and convictions are extremely stressful.

Even the experience of getting arrested also can bring some feelings of panic and anxiety. In addition to that surviving a drunk driving car crash most of the time invites PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder.

5. Personal Relationship-

A Driving Under the Influence or DUI charge also can affect your relationship. As a result of the strain that it can put on your family and other relations, many relationships can be damaged. In addition to that, the mental stress that you are bearing will also affect your close relatives.

And this will eventually harm the relationship you used to share with your close and favorite ones. The criminal process that will continue after a DUI charge also can seriously damage your personal relationship.


These are the major five ways only a single DUI charge can change your life forever. Apart from the hectic lawsuit, financial difficulties, relational strain, and a damaged career, a DUI offense also brings some serious mental issues. And as we all know, physical health is also connected with our mental health. So, mental health also can affect your physical health.

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