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Top Websites That Lets You Earn in Crypto

Earn in Crypto

The anonymity that crypto offers its users is one of the main reasons behind its increasing popularity. This decentralized currency is not controlled by any bank or its value. In recent years, cryptocurrencies are being used in a variety of places from shopping to gaming, it has become a common sight to see trading in this form.

Even though most jobs still pay in regular currencies, there are some websites that let you earn in crypto. The benefits of this digital currency are immense, from security till possible conversion to hard cash, crypto is the future! There might be days when you would wake up and wish to start earning crypto and search for websites that let you do so. Worry not! As we have got you covered with some top websites that will let you earn crypto for sure.

1. Answerly

Some of you mustn’t be aware of this platform. But let us put it this way. Writers are being paid in tokens that can be exchanged for crypto or fiat. Sounds interesting right? Luckily, Answerly is one such Q/A website that allows the users to earn in crypto or fiat currency, anything they wish. The platform works like Quora but is more advanced and has more unique features.

It is built on Stellar blockchain technology and rewards its users in the form of Answerly Tokens which are exchangeable. Moreover, the questioners can earn a specified number of tokens meanwhile the answerers can earn according to their user levels. Upgrade your rank as a writer and get rich with crypto in no time!

2. Bitfortip

Not everyone is meant for a full-time job and a formal workplace might be an off-putting idea for some of you. If that’s true, then Bitfortip is the best platform for you because it won’t suppress your freedom-loving nature. This website works quite differently from other freelance sites because it lets the users earn tips simply for answering others and giving suggestions or ideas.

People will post queries to gain feedback and if you have enough idea about it and can offer good suggestions, do make an account! However, it totally depends on the user if they wish to tip you on that answer. The tips you receive for your efforts will be in crypto.

But Query posters need to offer a tip before posting their questions. In this way, you’ll have a good chance to earn whilst speaking your mind. Unlike Answerly Bitfortip doesn’t have a set amount of rewards for the questioner nor the Answerer receives rewards according to their user level.

3. Blocklancer

This website is a typical job site whose aim is to connect job seekers with job providers. Unlike other platforms, people working here in cryptocurrency. They use Ethereum (ETH), but if you’re not fond of ETH, you can earn it and exchange it for Bitcoin without difficulty.

Blocklancer has numerous job openings. Be it writing, translation, AI, or blockchain, everybody can make the best out of this platform. An interesting feature of this platform is the option for users that let them mediate disputes. In this way, the blocklancer has an edge over its competitors because it is a unique offering that gives a small role within their ecosystem. In this way, they are able to stick to their “pay in Ether” concept.

Along with that, Blocklancer also has a job board and a discussion forum where you’ll see ample amounts of interaction but due to its poor organization, it might not attract you as much as other features do.

4. Jobs4Bitcoins

Bitcoin is one of the top cryptocurrencies in the world and the majority of the platforms use it. People who look for alternative payment methods also opt for Bitcoin for trading purposes. People who look to explore new and unique sites and try hands-on everything will like this website. Jobs4Bitcoins is an all-in-one platform including Bitcoin-paying jobs.

Specifically, on this website, you’ll see bizarre offers and people willing to pay Bitcoin for almost any job. Thus, it is a good opportunity for blockchain developers and many others who want to earn in crypto. Not only you can search for jobs that suit your skillset, but also offer your skills for hiring in Bitcoin. All you need is to know your worth, but a good price on your skills and start earning in Bitcoin.

5. LaborX

LaborX works similar to Blocklancer. It is a job-posting platform that aims to connect job seekers and employers. You can find both types of jobs like part-time gigs or full-time jobs on this site. This website is owned and operated by a blockchain company that offers HR software solutions.

The main difference between the platforms is the gigs. The payment method varies because there are plenty of currency options from Bitcoin to Ether and many more. However, one drawback is that various payment options from various clients might waste your time converting it all. The website interface is well-organized and is standardized which can be used easily by any user.

Final Thoughts

Many businesses now accept this currency and hence it has become appealing to many. The transaction speed, reliability, and security have caused crypto to become a popular way to buy several things. Plus, it is inexpensive! And now, people don’t wait before investing in them.

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