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9 Apps That Help Me Write My Paper

Write My Paper

Academic paper writing is one of the common challenges for students. It requires advanced skills as well as time and dedication. No wonder students are looking for ways to make this whole process easier and faster. Here you will find the best applications to help you write your paper.

Details About 9 Apps That Help Me Write My Paper



If you need a full range of paper help, this is the place to go. As an academic writing platform, it offers assistance with all types of assignments. That’s why it is an ultimate write my paper service. Here students can access writing, editing, or proofreading assistance instantly.

The platform features experienced and qualified authors that will nail any subject or discipline. They can help polish your paper to excellence or do everything from scratch for you. And the best part is that students get to set requirements and deadlines according to their needs. All the papers are unique, well-built, and offer valuable arguments on the subject.

Collaboration with experts is a perfect solution for any type of academic writing issue one might have. And you also get to access professional guidance and advice, which is always great.

2. Grammarly

This is a bit of a different application, but it is also useful for those who hate essay writing and particularly proofreading. It has free and premium functionality and offers proofreading features. It is one of the best out there when it comes to the accuracy and relevancy of suggestions.

  • Grammarly covers:
  • Grammar;
  • Punctuation;
  • Spelling;
  • Tautology;
  • Pronoun mistakes;
  • Word usage, etc.

One of the nice features is that the app gives an overall score for the text, which helps to make it better. So if you think, “I write my paper, and now I have to do the proofreading too?” – try Grammarly. It will make proofreading and editing quicker and easier. The premium version delivers advanced suggestions on style, audience, and delivery. And it has a plagiarism checker.

3. Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid

Although this tool is originally designed for copywriters and bloggers, it can help students with paper writing as well. It finds errors and issues within your text, from grammar and spelling to readability.

The only downside is that the free version is limited to 500 words, but there is a free trial period of 14 days for a premium subscription. So students can try it out before committing to such an investment.

4. Focus Writer

Focus Writer

Although this one will not do the work for you, it will help to focus on your writing. This is a great and completely free tool for students and writers of all sorts. Focus Writer is a word processor with a slick interface and minimum distractions.

It offers live document statistics where you can always see the word count, spelling check, and various tabs. Also, almost all interface features can be hidden so you can concentrate exclusively on the text.

5. Wordtune Read

This application makes research for academic papers much easier and faster. It summarizes the long paragraphs of any text. So instead of spending lots of time reading through an article, you can easily see if it is useful for your research.

For instance, you can get a clear idea of what a long peer-reviewed source is about in 3 minutes of reading time. Students can upload texts in the app or post a link to the article. The application comes with free and premium subscriptions. The only downside is that it requires registration and exports summaries only in MS Word format.

6. Readable

This text processor allows boosting the readability of your text. So students have a better understanding of how clear their writing is. If a paper is too complex to comprehend, it can be considered a poor job.

The application uses the Flesh-Kincaid readability grading system. This makes it useful for both high school and college essays. It also comes with free and premium functionality with advanced suggestions. There is also a 7-day free trial to check all the features. Overall, it is good for advancing your skills and becoming a better writer.

7. Evernote


One of the useful lifehacks for students is to upgrade their note-taking and researching games to make paper writing easier and quicker. This is exactly what Evernote is going to help you with.

It is a cross-platform and multifunctional application for note-taking and working with notes. You can create a note and call it “write my paper for Literature” and add all the resources and relevant articles there. Students can also create an outline for a paper here or save useful texts to read later. It serves as storage for all types of files and links you might need. Also, it is fast and offers synchronization across devices. For example, you can find relevant articles on your way home, save them to the app, and read them on your laptop later.

8. Hemingway

This is another fantastic readability tool for students. It is free as an in-browser application. Here you can paste any type of text and get an immediate score. Ideally, the score needs to be 9 or lower. This means that your work is readable and easy to understand. The lower the score is, the clearer your writing is.

Besides the general analysis, the app highlights potential issues so students can fix them. This includes:

  • Adverbs;
  • Passive voice;
  • Hard-to-read sentences;
  • Phrases that have simpler alternatives.

The tool teaches one to stick to the point and dwell on it in a simple yet persuasive manner.

9. Free Mind

Free Mind is a free tool for mind mapping. Why is it good for academic papers? Because it allows collecting ideas, tracing them to one another, and working on concepts. You can create diagrams and organize them according to your research.

Students can also create projects here to track progress, separate tasks, and overall time. The color-coding feature makes it even easier to brainstorm ideas or structure your sources. The only disadvantage is that diagrams can take some learning curve to nail. But as soon as you do that, it is going to significantly improve your studying process.

In Summary

These applications are different in the functionality and services they offer. Yet all of them can help you write your paper faster and easier. Thanks to various functionality, students can advance their research and writing skills as well as boost the quality of their text.

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