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What Should You Expect From A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

bankruptcy in Atlanta

Are you thinking about filing for bankruptcy?

As you are thinking about bankruptcy, we can understand that you are going through a tough phase right now. Losing your financial status is not a matter of joke.

Still, we would like to say that filing for bankruptcy is not the end of your financial status; it is actually a new beginning. You can start fresh and rebuild your financial stake.

The process of bankruptcy in Atlanta is indeed a complicated process. During the process, you will always need an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney in Atlanta. The professional will be able to guide you properly.

You might be thinking hiring a lawyer will add an extra burden on your shoulders, especially when you are going to file for bankruptcy.

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Things You Should Expect From A Bankruptcy Lawyer

When you are under burdensome debt, filing bankruptcy might seem the best solution. When you are hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney Atlanta, you can expect the following thing from the legal profession.

Things You Should Expect From A Bankruptcy Lawyer

1. Competence

Every bankruptcy case is not complicated. Still, we can say that they are not easy at all. Wherever the case is, your bankruptcy attorney or chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers always should possess the skill level that is essential for handling your case.

Usually, the difficulty level of your bankruptcy case depends on the following.

  • The facts of your case.
  • Whether you are filing for chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  • Whether the bankruptcy trustees are going to sell all of your property or not.
  • In case you own a small business.
  • The involvement of bankruptcy litigation.

Now, you might be thinking about whether you will find that the lawyer you are meeting is a good fit for your case or not. The best way to determine that is to directly ask the lawyer whether the professional has experience in handling similar situations before. This is especially important if the company requires a Members Voluntary Liquidation

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In general, the contact you and your Bankruptcy Attorney Atlanta sign that is your retainer agreement will outline all the services your attorney is going to offer you. Also, offering you competent advice throughout the process of bankruptcy is also the job of your attorney.

The first and foremost thing you can expect from your Bankruptcy Attorney Atlanta is that the professional will tell you whether you should file bankruptcy or not. In case it is the case, you also need to learn about the following.

  • Whether Chapter 13, Chapter 7, or any other type will be able to help you in achieving your financial goals.
  • During the bankruptcy process, what you can expect.
  • Whether your case includes any specific difficulties or not.

Most importantly, in case you have any questions, you can expect your Bankruptcy Attorney Atlanta to respond to your emails and calls promptly.

3. Prepare And File Paperwork

When you are filing for bankruptcy, you should be prepared to complete a lengthy packet of forms. Almost all of the New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyers have specialized software which prepares and also files all of your essential bankruptcy paperwork with the court.

You are required to offer all of your financial information, like income, assets, debt, and expense information. Your Bankruptcy Attorney Atlanta will use those documents to prepare the official forms and, after that, go over the completed paperwork with you in order to make sure they are accurate.

You might need to offer additional documents or forms to the trustee or the court. Your Bankruptcy Attorney Atlanta will ensure that they are being done so promptly because in case you miss the deadline, it can cause the following.

  • Dismissal of your case.
  • Delay in the process.
  • Other adverse consequences.

For all these reasons, knowing the local rules and filing procedures should be known to your Bankruptcy Attorney in Atlanta.

4. Represent You At Hearings

Once you have filed your bankruptcy, all the debtors have to attend a mandatory hearing, the 341 meeting of creditors. However, on the basis of your case, your attorney or you might be required to go to additional hearings.

You can expect the following hearings.

  • Chapter 7 reaffirmation hearings.
  • Chapter 13 confirmation hearings.
  • Any other objection or motion hearings that are filed by your creditors, you, or the trustee.

In most cases, before you file for bankruptcy, your Bankruptcy Attorney in Atlanta will be able to inform you about the hearings.

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