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Best Amazon Prime Video Shows You Can Watch With Your Airtel Postpaid Plan

Amazon Prime Video

In today’s world, most of us have busy schedules and deadlines to adhere to. That is why, when your day finally ends, nothing beats the feeling of coming home and relaxing.

Now, there are multiple ways to unwind. But then, wouldn’t we all agree that watching OTT is one of the best methods to shed off all your workload?

Now if you ask us, we certainly think that watching your favorite TV shows on Amazon Prime Video is one of the best ways. Why? Because Prime Video has one of the largest collections of shows.

Furthermore, it has a wide variety of English, Hindi, and even shows in your regional language. You should definitely make the most of your Airtel postpaid plan or other operator’s plans, by watching content on this OTT platform.

Here is a list of shows that we think you should definitely watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Top 5 Amazon Prime Video Shows To Watch With Airtel Postpaid Plan

1. The Boys

We have all grown up putting superheroes on a pedestal and believing that they will always take the righteous path. Well, this is a show which takes that thinking and sends it up for a toss. The Boys paints the picture of a world where superheroes can do whatever they want, abuse their powers, and get away with it.

However, a group of common men and women get together on a heroic quest to expose the reality. But, with the support of the billion-dollar corporation Vought behind the superheroes, will the Boys really be able to achieve their goals? The only way to find out is to watch the series.

2. Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is a thriller series that will keep you on the edge of your seats till the very end of the show. The story surrounds a young cyber security professional, named Elliot. He suffers from anxiety and at night, he hacks felons from his room using high-tech equipment.

However, the problem arises when Mr. Robot, an anarchist hires Elliot as he tries to bring a massive global corporation down to its very knees. With noted actor Rami Malek in the lead role as Elliot, Mr. Robot is a must-watch.

3. Invincible

This is a story about young Mark Grayson, who is a 17-year-old boy who has a father who’s one of the world’s most well-known superheroes. Omni Man is also the world’s strongest hero. As a result, there are high expectations from Mark and he does start showing enough promise.

Now, while Mark starts to take control of his powers, he realizes all is not good as it may seem. His father, Omni Man, and his legacy soon start being questioned by everyone around him.

What happens when Mark does find out the true nature of his father? With an IMDb rating of 8.7 and 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, this Amazon Original animated show should not be missed!

4. Panchayat

This is a story about rural India and a comedy-drama that you can enjoy wholeheartedly with everyone else in your family.

After graduating from his engineering college, Abhishek is unable to land himself a suitable job of his choice. Therefore, seeing no other way out, he finally accepts a job for a panchayat in a village in rural India.

Easy as it may seem, it is not so in reality. Abhishek has to deal with a multitude of mundane problems. Panchayat is two seasons of pure family entertainment and should definitely slip into your watchlist.

5. Mirzapur

This is a series that sheds light on the underworld of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Based around the town of Mirzapur, Akkhanand Tripathi is a well known carpet manufacturer. However, that is only a front for running his mafia operations. A millionaire, Tripathi and his power-hungry son Munna, will stop at nothing to fulfill their aspirations.

Mirzapur is an incredibly well-written crime fiction thriller that boasts of a stellar cast as well. With two seasons out and a third one in the making, we really think you should be well caught up with it.

Now, to watch these many shows on your phone, you will certainly need a very able postpaid network, so choose a telecom operator who suits and fulfills these needs to the T.



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