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Did You Know Jenni Rivera Ex-Husband Trino Marin is in Jail

How would you feel if I said, “A Dad Sexually Assaulted His Daughters As Well As His Sister-In-Law? ”

I know blood has already started boiling in the veins out of extreme rage, and it’s quite natural to feel like this. Heinous crimes like this happen frequently across the world. But here I’m going to talk about one such incident that happened to a celeb’s family. It’s Jose Trinidad Marin or Trino Marin, the ex-husband of famous singer Jenni Rivera, about which this article is all.

This blog details everything you should know about one of the most disgusting persons in the world – Trino Marin. How his entire family suffered because of him and how Jenni Rivera shed most tears – I have covered everything here.

So stay tuned to our blog and read till the end to become aware of some shocking facts.

Who Is Trino Marin?Who Is Trino Marin_


Trino Marin or Jose Trinidad Marin is the ex-husband of the deceased renowned Mexican singer and superstar Dolores Janney “Jenni” Rivera Saavedra. Born on Feb 15, 1964, he was a restaurant administrator before receiving a jail sentence of 31 years. Although Jose is from Mexico, he later shifted to the U.S. permanently.

Imagine this man was accused of molesting the daughters and sister of late Latina singer Jenni Rivera! Global headlines identified him as a sexual offender. Rivera married him at a young age, his teenage age! 

With three failed marriages, Jenni Rivera was not that happy in her personal life. She was one of the best singers but unfortunately, the world lost her too soon. It was to Trino Marin that she was married and later after their separation, news of physical abuse erupted. 

Trino Marin Family And Profession

Trino Marin Family And Profession`

According to Trino Marin’s statements, he met Jenni Rivera when she was just 15 years old. At the age of 20, Jose Marin Trinidad proposed to Dolores (Jenni). Following this, in 1984, they tied the knot. Jose got recruited as an administrative manager at an American-Mexican café at the age of 22 and began earning a respectable wage.

The first child Chiquis Rivera was born when Jenni was 17 years old. In 1992, they got separated permanently after Jose was arrested due to sexual abuse with Jenni, his sister-in-law Rose, and the kids. This was all about Jose Trinidad Marin’s Family.

Net Worth Of Trino Marin

Net Worth Of Trino Marin

As per our research, before the imprisonment, Jenni Rivera’s husband Trino Marin’s net worth was USD 600000 to USD 800000. He used to work at a restaurant as a manager, although his superiors fired him as he sexually exploited one of his coworkers.

What Was The Scandal? 

In the divorce document of Jenni Trivera, it was mentioned that she was being physically and mentally abused. But imagine her pain when she discovered that even her younger sister, Rosie Rivera, and her two daughters were also physically abused by Trino. 

In the troubled marriage which happened when Jenni was 15 and Trino was 20, they had 3 children. Jenni had her first daughter when she was a teenager herself! They had two daughters and one son; Trino did not even consider his children. 

Currently, all their children are quite established in their respective fields. Just like Jenni, her elder daughter Chiquis is a musician while her younger daughter Jacqui, and son, Michael are actors. 

Their mother would have been proud of how her children had created a career for themselves. After Rivera became an international superstar, there was no stopping her. Even though Trino tried a lot to hold her back! 

Initially, he did not support her in pursuing her education, but she achieved her dreams. Rivera had the good judgment to kick his ass on the curb unfortunately, her plane crash took her away from the world. 

Why Was Jose Trinidad Marin Sentenced To Prison For 31 Years?

Why Was Jose Trinidad Marin Sentenced To Prison For 31 Years

This is the part I’m sure you’re searching for. Trino Marin received 31 years of jail imprisonment.

But do you know the exact reason why this happened? Here is a detailed explanation of the disgusting offense he committed.

In 1997, Jenni Rivera’s sister Rose Rivera disclosed Jose Marin’s maltreatment and violence publically. She said in a statement that he not only molested her but also sexually abused his elder daughter Chiquis Rivera and younger daughter Jacqueline. The worst part was these atrocious activities continued over an extended period. Although many thought these wwere harsh when medical reports confirmed what she claimed, the whole world erupted against this nasty act.

After this case became public, Jose was a renegade for 9 long years until, in April 2006, police arrested him. Finally, in 2007, because of Jenni’s endless efforts, he was convicted and received 31 years of imprisonment.

Watch the video attached below to know the whole story…..

Court Trial Of Jenni Rivera’s Husband Trino Marin

Court Trial Of Jenni Rivera husband Trino

There was a one-year legal battle between Jenni and Trino until the judge found Jose guilty in court. Marin was sentenced to 31 years in jail following his trial. As declared by Deputy District Attorney Mark Burnley, the term was imposed in response to eight significant offenses. This includes lewd actions with a juvenile, continuous sexual abuse, and aggravated sexual assault on a minor.

Nonetheless, something twisted happened at the hearing that can make you think otherwise.

At the hearing, Chiquis Rivera, the elder daughter of Trino, clearly stated – “I have forgiven my father, and I still love him. He may think that I disguise him. But the truth will never change that he is my father.” It’s still unknown why she said this all of a sudden. Did she say it herself, or did someone make her say so…nobody knows this? Whatever the reason is, this was quite unnatural and unexpected.

All About Jenni Rivera’s Death

All About Jenni Rivera Death

After enduring a lifetime of abuse and trauma, Trino Marin’s Wife Rivera’s life didn’t end well either. She died in an aircraft accident in the early hours of December 9, 2012, when she was in Learjet 25 with six other passengers. Her last rites were performed in her homeland of Long Island.

Is There Any Latest Update On Trino Marin Now?

Is There Any Latest Update On Trino Marin

If you ask if there is any latest update on Trino Marin now or what he is doing at present, we can’t say exactly. Nonetheless, what we can say are those things that were going on over the last few years regarding his terms.

According to journalist Javier Ceriani, authorities might be released from prison considerably sooner than predicted. I know this sounds shocking, considering the gravity of his accusations. Despite committing the crime, which is one of the most severely penalized in the US, discussions were going on about letting him out.

What’s more surprising is a tweet from Chiquis that left everyone’s jaws dropped and gave rise to controversy. “This message is for the first man who broke my heart. Father, I want you to know that despite your mistakes, your decisions, and the fact that you left me they hurt me deeply, I love you and I forgive you.” She captioned a video she shared combining some photos of Trino Marin.

Additionally, one of Trinidad’s brothers met him publicly on August 28th, 2021. He stated he did not know about Jose’s release from prison, but he added, Jose, is in good health in jail.

Crucial Deets Of Jose Trinidad Marin

Did you know these 5 facts about Trino Marin?

Trino Marin is the pet name for Jose Trinidad, who is reportedly 58 years old now.

Jose is the father of a boy and two girls. Michael Marin is the name of his son.

When it comes to Marin’s parents or siblings, the information remains foggy.

Trinidad and Jenni met for the first time in high school and married the next year, in 1984. They broke up in 1992.

Once, during an interview, Chiquis stated that she refused to see his father, Jose Trinidad Marin, who is in prison for sexually assaulting her aunt and sister.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. Who Is Trino Marin’s Wife?

The name of his wife is Jenni Rivera, a famed Mexican singer. However, she is no longer alive now. Trino Marin’s family has his wife, 2 kids, and sister-in-law Rose in the family. 

Q2. What Did Trino Marin And Chiquis Do?

Jose Trinidad Marin sexually abused Chiqui Rivera, daughter of Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni Rivera. In 1997, Rosi Rivera, her aunt, confessed to Jenni that Trino used to rape her and Chiqui for a long time. He’d done the same thing with her younger sister, Jackie Rivera, according to a physical examination.

Q3. What Happened To Trino Marin?

Jose Trinidad Marin was sentenced to 31 years in jail in 2007 after a court found him guilty of abusing his two kids and sister-in-law. He is presently serving a Long-term sentence and is expected to be 74 years old when he gets freed.

Q4. Is Mariposa De Barrio Based On A True Story?

The film Mariposa De Barrio narrates the life chronicles of Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera. Starting from her suicidal pregnant teen life to the abused wife of Trino Marin and Banda superstar… the movie portrays every detail. The film dramatizes Jenni Rivera’s life story revolving around “Unbreakable,” her best-selling autobiography. 

Q4. Is Trino Marin Still In Jail?

We have received several questions like is Trino Marin still in Jail. The answer is Yes; to date, Jenni Rivera’s Husband Trino Marin is residing in jail. 

Q5. What Is Jenni Rivera’s Net Worth?

Before she died in 2012, Jenni Rivera had a net worth of USD 25 million. Since she died in 2012, her name secured a top spot on the Forbes Top-Earning Dead Celebrities of 2013, earning 7 Million dollars approximately.

What Do We Think About Trino Marin? 

The names “ Trino Marin ” Or “ Trinidad Marin ” are two hateful words to many across the world. Nothing can be awful in this world than raping or sexually abusing your daughter and sister-in-law. Jenni Rivera’s husband Trino Marin proved years back how horrific human civilization has already become.

The reason for his arrest opened the eyes of many thanks to Rose Rivera for summoning the fortitude to speak up about the ongoing monstrous mistreatment of her and the two children. Also, a big shoutout and respect for Trino Marin’s wife Jenni, who struggled severely to put him behind bars. This is what women’s empowerment should be…not tolerating disrespect of other women, irrespective of the extent of the dishonor, and age of the victims.

Although the fans of Chiquis Rivera and Jackie Rivera are not happy with their forgiving messages for Trino. Let’s see whether he has truly got a realization about his deeds after his terms are over.

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