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Are Uber Accidents Common: 5 Things You Need To Know

Uber Accidents

Do you get into an Uber accident? Do you know the passenger rights? Are you planning for filling your claims? We understand there are a lot of questions you might encounter in case you, unfortunately, be a part of an Uber accident.

But there are actually certain things you should know about Uber accidents. There is nothing like; your Uber driver is only at fault, there can be other drivers at fault. So, it is crucial to know what is under your control.

Things You Need To Know About An Uber Accident

Here are some major things you should know about Uber accidents. Knowing these things will make it easier for you to get your claims. When you are in the rider seat, you can not have any fault in the accident, but you might be suffering due to severe injuries.

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Immediately Report Your Accident

Immediately Report Your Accident

Just like a normal auto accident, whenever your Uber is involved in a road accident, you should immediately call 911. In case you are not in the condition, ask someone else to do that for you. Never leave the spot until and unless the police have arrived.

You might be in a hurry, but your absence can cost you a severe amount. So, have some patience and wait there. Reporting the accident is vital. You also need to ask for a copy of the accident report the police have prepared.

Seek Medical Help

You should take medical assistance as soon as possible. Never deny medical care. You might be feeling okay at that particular point, and there might be no visible injuries or physical damages. But some wounds might hurt later.

You will not be able to understand in case there is an internal injury. Only a trained health care professional will be able to diagnose and find out whether there are any serious issues or not. Apart from that, your doctor’s report will be needed when you will file for uber accident claims.

Numerous Parties Might Be Liable

As we have mentioned earlier, it is not at all necessary that your Uber driver is at fault for the accident; there can be other parties or, in some cases parties, who are equally or more at fault than your Uber driver.

It is crucial to find out who is at fault. In case the accident involves any commercial truck, the scene becomes more complex and ugly. If other parties or parties are at fault, you might be needed to file a claim from them. An Atlanta Uber Accident Lawyer will be able to assist you here.

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Know Your Passengers Right

Know Your Passengers Right

When you are using Uber, you should know your passenger rights quite well. Here are the rights mentioned below.

  • The vehicle can not be more than ten years old. In case the vehicle arrived is older than that, you can report a complaint or deny the ride.
  • In case you suspect that your driver is intoxicated or driving under the influence of drugs, you should immediately report it.
  • For all passengers, all Uber rides have to provide a properly working seatbelt for the passengers.
  • Every passenger should have the right to personal or private space. If the driver is harassing you or flirting with you, immediately complain about this.
  • When your driver is driving in an unsafe manner, like road rage, overspeeding or reckless driving, you have full right to refuse the ride.

Consult With An Attorney

Last but not least, just like any other auto accident, here you also can take professional assistance from an Atlanta Uber Accident Lawyer. The professional will guide you throughout the entire process of filing a Uber accident claim.

Your lawyer will also be able to provide you with the necessary pieces of information, which are crucial for getting the claims. An Atlanta Uber Accident Lawyer is experienced in handling these types of cases.

Bottom Line

These are all you need to know about an uber accident. However, these are not that common, as all the drivers are well trained and follow the pepper guidelines while driving. Still, you should always be prepared for everything that can happen.

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