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Cost Of Living In Slovakia – Everything You Should Know About Bratislava Real Estate

Everything You Should Know About Bratislava Real Estate

Investing in real estate is always on trend. However, not every place is friendly for real estate investments. For instance, you cannot expect to buy a property in Norway and expect profit from it.

You need to find a place where there is an increasing interest of people available. Regarding real estate, location matters the most, and no one can deny this.

The Slovak Republic is a member of the European Union. Since 2004, foreigners can buy property in the Slovak Republic. Apart from that, this country is developing rapidly, and investors are actively promoting new projects.

Moreover, the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, is the only city in the world that simultaneously borders the two countries of Hungary and Austria. Geographical variety and mesmerizing views are available in Slovakia.

However, the cost of living here can be moderate. Well, it depends on how much you earn. While living in a place, it is important to understand how much you’re earning there because the cost of living is mostly dependent on the cost of earning.

Here we will discuss the cost of living in Slovakia by mainly focusing on its capital.

Cost Of Living In Slovakia: Things To Consider

Cost Of Real Estate In Bratislava

The cost of living is difficult to judge from the outside. But when you are buying a new house or even renting it, finding the cost of living in advance is necessary.

Here we will discuss the cost of living in Bratislava considering various aspects.

Well, the average worker earns slightly more than 1150€ per month in Slovakia. However, some skilled professionals are paid over 2000€ per month. If you are an ex-pat, then you may find differences in the niche as the Slovaks live by necessity inexpensively and modestly.

Let’s check how the people of Slovakia manage their living and how you can fit in there properly.

Cost Of Real Estate In Bratislava

The real estate opportunities in Bratislava are quite amazing. The demand for living is high in this place, and thus many real estate agents are trying to grab consumers with some exciting and cheaper deals.

When considering living in a place, the cost of real estate is the most important part of living that you cannot forget. Sometimes the whole decision of a person to live in a place depends on the price of real estate in that particular area.

Living in Slovakia, for foreigners, mostly relates to living in Bratislava.


Well, this place is the capital of Slovakia but is cost-effective in many ways. On the other hand, proper employment opportunities, including the constant flow of new inhabitants, are the main attraction of this place.

Whether you need to rent or want to buy a property to stay in, Bratislava will be a better place to consider all the living opportunities in Slovakia.

If you are interested in buying a property here, the current price of 1 m² real estate is 3500 €. On the other hand, a one-bedroom flat here starts from 500 € per month. So, it’s time to rent in Bratislava and stay at ease.



After finding a better place to stay now, it’s time to find where you can eat better. Well, some prominent local restaurants serve meals with prices of 15€ and higher. The daily menu can be around 7€ in cheaper restaurants.

On the other hand, compared to Western Europe, Alcohol is cheaper here.

So, it’s time to find local and cheaper restaurants that provide moderate food for a living, and you are all set to live there.


Compared to many other European cities, food prices are lower in Bratislava. As a small country, Slovakia might not provide a wide range of food variety, but its local food is worth trying.

It will not cost much if you consider their local food. It will be a better idea to go for seasonal food.


The cost of living in a place also depends on the cost of traveling. Where you stay on purpose, you have to travel, and that will cut your pocket daily.

If you want to enjoy this gorgeous city, you can easily do that by considering a bicycle. However, if you need to travel by renting a car, you may enjoy it at a lower price.

However, the ideal way of saving money while traveling is to consider public transport. One-way ticket costs may come to around 0.92 € for buses for two zones. You also will be able to consider unlimited zones on a single trip with a reduced fare of 2.05 €.

Apart from that, with a long-term ticket, you can avail of public transport in Bratislava for 30€ on average for a month.

Apart from that, Sports & Leisure, Clothing & Shoes utilities will also be on your list of costs. So far, the cost of living in Slovakia is cheaper than you think.

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