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Different Types Of Electricians And The Tasks They Do

It is an undeniable fact that electricians make our lives easier. Moreover, they act as the knight in shining armor in times of utter distress – when the lights are out, and our ACs are malfunctioning. As such, it is vital that we also know a thing or two about electricians.

The fundamental premise to have more knowledge of the nitty-gritty of an electrician’s job is to understand the types of electricians. So let us dovetail into the various kinds of electricians and see the job they do. Here is a brief breakdown of how to become a certified electrician in California. Enroll in a state-recognized school or apprenticeship. Fulfill the required work and classroom hours. Pass your exams and become a certified journeyman electrician.

Types Of Electricians – An Overview

Types Of Electricians – An Overview

1. Based on Certification –

Like all other jobs, there are tiers of expertise when we talk about electricians.

  • At the foundational level, we have the apprentice electrician who is unlicensed and works under supervision. It is noteworthy to mention that an apprenticeship program is a premise of starting a career in electrical handling, and all electricians go through this rudimentary phase. It usually takes four years for an apprenticeship program to complete, and during the course, individuals receive many hours of hands-on job experience.
  • At the mid-level, we have a licensed journeyman electrician who can be deemed the quintessential electrician that we bump into time and again. They have the apprenticeship program and work sans any supervision. They are licensed and certified to do various kinds of electrical work.
  • At the top tier, we have the master electrician who performs highly complex tasks and takes up big projects. It is essential to highlight that to qualify as a master electrician; a person has to have 4000 hours of work experience as a journeyman electrician. It is also mandatory to clear an exam.

2. Based on Specialization –

Most licensed or journeyman electricians can be broadly classified into two types – Wirepeople and Linespeople. The former includes specialists who deal with electrical components part and parcel of residential and commercial complexes.

On the other hand, the latter – Wirepeople – work at people’s homes. It is noteworthy that linespeople are also referred to as outside electricians as they work with high voltage power lines. At RG electrics, you can hire competent and highly skilled electricians with distinct specializations.

3. Based on Workspace –

3. Based on Workspace -

Based on the work setting, there are several electrician types.

  • Residential Electricians – To begin with, we have the typical electricians who work at people’s homes. The most common types of works associated with residential electricians include upgrades, repairs, and installation.
  • Installation Electricians – They specialization in installing novel items at your home. Many a time, a residential electrician might do the job of an installation electrician. But in special appliances and gadgets, you should make the wiser choice and call for an installation electrician.
  • Commercial Electricians – They perform jobs similar to a residential electrician, but the scale is broader. Commercial electricians often work for businesses of small scale and are tasked with installation, maintenance, upgrades, repairs, and so forth. Knowledge about public safety measures is an integral part of a commercial electrician’s work.
  • Industrial Electricians – Eponymous to their names, industrial electricians find employment in massive industrial setups. They usually have a thorough grasp of large-scale manufacturing and the nitty-gritty of complex machinery.
  • Maintenance Electrician – They work in diverse work settings, ranging from residential to commercial to industrial spaces. Their primordial job is to inspect, monitor, and maintain electrical pieces of equipment. Maintenance electricians are a pro at diagnostic and troubleshooting skills.
  • Auto Electricians – They work in settings that are mainly related to the automobile industry. An auto electrician has a hoard of knowledge on how to repair the various fallacies of a car and other vehicles safely and efficiently.
  • Marine Electricians – Lastly, we have highly specialized marine electricians who are experts at dealing with malfunctions of marine types of equipment and water-related vessels.

In conclusion, we can safely state that the diversity in terms of electrician types is quite astounding. It is easy to overlook the layers of specificity related to various jobs, but having some knowledge goes a long way. You can use the information mentioned above to make a sound decision on the type of electrician that you should be hiring next.

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