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Foods and drinks you need to stay clear of to get better sleep

better sleep

Do you often wake up feeling cranky and aggressive? Are your days generally foggy and forgetful? You might have trouble sleeping! Poor amounts of sleep will negatively affect the mind and body. It has been associated with depression, anxiety, an increased risk of chronic cardiac problems, poor performance, and a range of other health issues.

The right amount of sleep will optimize mind and body performance. It ensures sufficient rest and regeneration for the body while allowing the mind to collect and store memory. People who get enough rest will often be more jovial and quicker, as well as carry a lower risk of certain health problems.

Did you know that the wrong choice of food or drink may affect your ability to fall asleep? Your diet might be the reason for a poor sleep schedule. You need to pick and consume only suitable options to avoid any erratic sleeping patterns.

Here are the top foods and drinks you should avoid for a better night’s sleep



Alcohol can relax the body and help users doze off. However, it is not an ideal match for consistent sleeping schedules. While a nightcap or a few beers may seem harmless enough, alcohol can have a negative effect on your sleeping pattern. For starters, it will interrupt the natural cycle of sleep and reduce your ability to access restorative REM sleep. In addition, dreams often occur during REM which means that the food you eat will also affect your dreams. Alcohol can also cause acid reflux and may relax muscles which could enhance sleep apnea and snoring.  All these factors will combine to ensure erratic and unfulfilling sleep.

Heavy foods

Heavy foods

You should follow recommended diet sizes to avoid any indigestion during the night. Heavy foods taken so close to your sleeping cycle will interfere with your ability to fall and stay asleep. You should avoid any food that will take ages to digest. Avoid fried, cheesy, and fatty foods such as cheeseburgers and steaks for a period of at least two hours before your bedtime.

Watery foods

You need to drink plenty of water during the day to stay healthy. However, drinking too much water will cause you to get up several times at night instead of consistently sleeping. You should avoid foods with a high water content to protect yourself from a full bladder in the middle of the night. This will ensure well-rounded and restorative sleep that will offer great benefits for your body and mind.

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Caffeinated food

caffeinated food

Caffeine is a stimulant that aggravates users and makes it harder to fall asleep.  You may be unable to meet your recommended amount of sleep by ingesting caffeinated foods. That means doing away with chocolate, ice cream, coffee, and a number of other desserts.  Some products will even feature caffeine without any obvious labeling. You need to identify and avoid all these sources of caffeine in order to enjoy wholesome rest.

Food with tyramine

Tyramine is an amino acid that boosts the production of a brain stimulant that facilitates activity. Specialists recommend limiting your intake of tyramine-rich foods to at least two hours before bed. That means keeping your intake of tomatoes, eggplant, soy sauce, aged cheese, and red wine in check during the evening.

Spicy food


Spicy dishes will increase the risk of heartburn, which can cause disrupted nights. You may find it harder to sleep as a result of the discomfort. These foods will also raise body temperature and may make it harder to fall asleep. You should only consider spicy options for breakfast and lunch to prevent poor sleeping habits.

Foods that make you gassy

Avoid eating any foods for supper which might make you gassy. Foods that pack a lot of fiber might be great for the body, but they can cause flatulence and cramping. You need to avoid beans, dried fruit, broccoli, and cauliflower before bed to ensure an uninterrupted night.

Final word

A well-balanced diet can still feature tasty options that will induce sleep. You should look to avoid foods that may interrupt your sleeping cycle in favor of options that raise melatonin and serotonin levels. A great sleeping environment will work alongside ideal sleep hygiene and diet to ensure good sleep. You should consider checking out the best rated mattresses and beddings available, as well as taking up optimal habits to ensure good sleep.

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