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How To Use Google Sphere? The Latest Guide For 2024

Google Sphere

All of us are very familiar with the ‘10 raised with the power of 100’ search engine, right?  Yes, I am talking about our everyday internet companion Google. Have you ever thought about what we would have done if Google was not there? Starting from searching images to looking for the best-fit jobs – Google is simply a Powerhouse.

But imagine one day you open your favorite search engine and the elements on the homepage start moving in Sphere? Yes, this is what happens in Google Sphere.

Wanna know more about it? Read this article till the end to know more.

What Is Google Sphere?

What Is Google Sphere

Let’s kickstart this guide right from scratch. What is Google Sphere? Google Sphere, as the name implies, will transform your Google homepage into a sphere. Once you land on the page, all of the page’s components and links will move in a sphere. It is an experimental project of Mr Doob AKA Ricardo Cabello.

You will find the links are moving in a circular motion and changing their places. However, they are still clickable, and you may click on them. You may also use your mouse to manipulate the Google sphere I’m feeling lucky or any other links.

What’s The Benefit Of Google Sphere?

Benefit Of Google Sphere

A Chrome experiment, Google Sphere was a fun-filled, all-encompassing picture search on the web. It provided its customers with a new way to search for photographs and photos on the internet. But why did Mr. Doob bring Google Sphere? It is because, after Google Sphere Lava, and Google Sphere Atari, he wanted to do something new.

That’s why Google Sphere Mr Doob came into being. It’s kind of fun and entertaining to see your very known search engine in a new format. As a result, this creation was purely for entertainment purposes. Nevertheless, his project was quite successful.

Are you wondering what was the objective behind the Google Sphere Mr Doob project? The objective was simple…. to do something unique for the audiences. Since there is no trade of Google Inc on Google Sphere I’m Feeling Lucky project, it’s purely intended for enjoyment.

Is Google Sphere Mr Doob Still Working Today?

Google Sphere I’m Feeling Lucky is although active but the web search or the web search options are deactivated. I think the success of the project has degraded quite a lot here as it is not serving the purpose. But you can always enjoy the spherically rotating elements on Google Sphere Mr Doob project.

However, to compensate for this defective Google Sphere I’m Feeling Lucky page, a team named Goglogo has renewed it. Obviously, they have done it in their own manner but the best part is that all the links are working perfectly in this version.

Are Google Sphere And Google Photo Sphere Same?

Google Sphere Or Google Photo Sphere

I am not really sure but there is a high chance you are getting confused between Google Photo Sphere and Google Sphere. Whenever you search anything on the search named Google Sphere, the maximum information you get is of Google Photo Sphere.

This is where you may mess it up. But we are here to correct this for you.

Google Photo Sphere or simply Photo Sphere is a 360-degree panoramic photo that you can create with your DSLR camera or smartphone. The difference between normal photos and Photo Spheres is that in normal photos, you will only capture a single viewpoint. On the contrary, Photo Spheres will allow others to explore the entire scene.


Google sphere is a tricky and fun version of Google primarily developed by Mr. Doob. On the page of Google Sphere, you will see all the links moving across in a circular motion.

So Google sphere and Google Photo Sphere are both completely different and stand on different concepts.

Is It The Same As Android Photo Spheres?

No! It is not!

Just as we mentioned before, Android Photo Spheres is a completely different thing. Unlike Doob’s Google Sphere, Android’s Photo Sphere is NOT an experiment.

Rather, these are some of the panoramic images that you can take from most Android devices. It is something that is installed or built into the device’s camera app by default.

Using this particular feature you can easily take any photo from your phone’s camera and make it turn 360 degrees. You may even share it on Google Maps.

On the other hand, Google Sphere is a project that Mr. Doob was experimenting. AND it is not for sale!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. What Is Google Sphere Mr Doob?

Google Sphere, as the name implies, will transform your page into a sphere. All of the page’s components and links will move in a sphere. The entire credit of Google Sphere goes to Mr

Q2. How To Access Google Sphere?

To enjoy this fun-filled Google Sphere trick, check out this link: This link displays text links, a search pictures tab, and other components from the Google Images page that rotate in the shape of a spherical. I bet you will enjoy this unique page of Google.

Q3. Who Is Mr Doob?

The actual name of Mr Doob is Ricardo Cabello. He is pretty well known among the netizens due to some of his recent technologies. He has recently wowed audiences with trailblazing online real-time music videos created with open web technology. Ricardo Cabello, nicknamed Mr Doob, has joined the Canonical Design blog.

Concluding Thoughts

To conclude, Google Sphere is a little fun created for you to enjoy while you are using the Internet. Although it’s not officially recognized by Google you can always give it a try. I’m sure you will love to see Google in this tricky format. 

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