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Do You Know How Much Data Does Discord Use?

In this 5G world, using high-speed unlimited data is everything people could ask for. Particularly, to the youngsters, “data cap” is really something really freaking. Basically, they already spend so much data on things like Netflix Binge and Spotify premium per day, the data spent on social networks becomes a concern. Discord is a popular social network site whose data consumption is a concern to the users. Hence, one of the most recent commonly asked questions is how much data does Discord use.  

The majority of the Discord users are not sure about how much data Discord use. Considering the data cap, it is really a concerning matter. Are you aware of how much data does Discord use? I am sure you don’t; otherwise, you would not have been here. So without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

How Much Data Does Discord Use In Video Chat?

Discord Video Chat

How much data does a video call use on Discord? The thumb rule here is 270 MB is spent in Discord Video call of 1-hour duration. Woooh, that’s pretty huge! However, you don’t have to worry much as this estimate varies from one smartphone to another if other applications remain open.  

How Much Data Does Discord Use In Voice Chat In 5 minutes?

Discord Voice Chat

Often you feel not to type a long paragraph and you hit the voice chat button on Discord, right? But do phone calls use data on Discord? Statistics have found that during a 5 minutes voice chat with 5-10 members, nearly 300 KB of data is downloaded. On the other hand, keeping the conditions unchanged, the upload usage is 10 KB. The best thing about Discord is that it transmits the audio data at the time of speaking only.  

Whereas other apps eat up data throughout the call; hence Discord facilitates data saving comparatively than other applications. Thus, how much data does Discord voice chat use is mostly based on the duration of the call. 

How Much Data Does Discord Text Message Use?

Discord Text Message

How much data does Discord use per hour? While chatting with someone on social apps, we don’t pay much attention to the data that is spent. Every time you send text messages through Discord, you send a new request for an entire HTTP post. Discord’s data consumption while text messaging depends on a number of factors. The most important among them is how many people are texting at the same time.

Here is one example for you. In a conversion of one hour, it would take 280 KBs. This is actually the conversation between two people. In group chats, where there are more than 2 people that at the same time, the data transmission increases. So how much data does Discord Text Message use? The answer depends on the duration of the conversation as well as the number of participants.

How Much Data Does Discord Use For Streaming And Music?

Discord Streaming And Music

Many of you might not know that Discord allows you to listen to Music and Streaming. But the service you are using controls how much data does Discord streaming use. For example, streaming videos with Yiutuvbe would transmit 150 MB of data per hour. It may even rise to 1 GB of data per hour if the video is of HD quality. So, in this case, the answer to how much data does Discord streaming use relies on the 3rd party apps. 

The Verdict – Does Discord Use High Amount Of Data?

Discord data usage

So after exploring the above-mentioned areas, the final questions are, does Discord use a high amount of data? How much data does Discord use overall? Is Discord worth using than other social apps? 

The most simplified answer to it is, “Yes it consumes less data than market-leading messaging apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. It will help you save your data.” 

However, its data usage completely depends on the type of use, and it’s not uniform in every case. For instance, the data spent on a voice call would obviously be much higher than text messaging. In addition to this, the number of participants in video, voice, or text messages regulates this data usage. 

Hey, are you looking for the best way of measuring how much data does Discord use? The easiest way is to view the data usage while the app is running on your device. Discord truly has its own perks. Starting from the features, and data consumption to checking whether someone has blocked you, it’s unique in its own way. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. How Much Data Does Discord Use?

How much data does Discord use is dependent on which way you are using the app? For messaging the data usage is pretty less while the data consumption is significantly massive while video streaming with 3rd party apps. 

Q2. Does Discord Slow Down The Internet?

There is no such claim from Discord’s end. However, some users have experienced slowed internet speed while being on Voice calls. However, from a summative perspective, Discord is recognized as a minimal data usage app.   

Q3. How Much Data Does Discord Voice Chat Use?

 Mainly the answer to how much data does Discord Voice chat use is not fixed. The duration of the voice call and the number of participants regulate it. If both the factors are higher, the data usage would also elevate. For a one-minute voice call, it may take 400 kb, but this is not a thumb rule. 

Q4. How Much Data Does Discord Video Call Use?

How much data does Discord Video call use is a popular question among Discord users. Again the answer varies based on the duration of the call and member counts. On average, in a 2-minute video call with 2 participants. The data usage is 11.4 MB

Wrapping It Up

Data caps are too annoying, but with Discord, you can easily keep your data consumption under control. Moreover, it is also possible to save data using Discord for enjoying Netflix or Amazon prime at the end of a tiring day. 

We have answered several questions above like how much data does Discord use per hour, how much data does Discord streaming use, how much data does Discord video call use, etc. Now that you know how much data Discord use, I hope you can now plan your data usage accordingly.

Was this article able to resolve your queries regarding how much data does Discord use? Do not hesitate to let us know your feedback or opinions (if any) in the comment section below! Stay tuned with us, and stay safe! 

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